Reclaim that old tire and turn into a trendy coffee table!

New furniture is always expensive and the more trendy you go the more expensive it becomes. Although the point stands unarguable that a bit of online research always lands you with the best bargain in the market, but why buy when there are things in your house that can help you with what you need!

Remember that old tire that has been taking up all the extra space in the corner of your garage? Yes, you can find it a new home inside your living room or perhaps even in your bedroom. All you need is a bit of creativity and off you are with your new trendy coffee table. Now it won’t look like a French provincial coffee table, but it can sure look like a nice round Ottoman table.

So what you need to make the magic happen? Just an old tire, some plywood, table legs, rope, construction glue, and simple tools you can find in your tool box.

You can cut the plywood into two circles, one for the top and the other for the base. For legs, you can take anything you like! It can be an upturned flower pot, an old log, or some metal stand. Here we are going with old school wood for legs. The rope will be used to line the tire in order to give it a good disguise. Glue will be used to stick various things and the basic tools will assist in making your ordeal easier. So let’s start making some tire tables!

First of all, clean your tire. Scrub all the grime and mud with water and let it dry. While your tire dries, cut the plywood in a circle that would fit in the shallow section of the tire. We will use this circle for the top. The plywood circle for the bottom must be big enough for the whole of the tire as it will act as the base and we will attach the legs to it.

You can get some ready-made wooden legs from the market, be it three or four as per your preferences, and attach them to the base circle of wood that we cut earlier. Make sure that the legs are equally spaced around the perimeter and then attach them with L brackets. Keep the screws tightly in place so the table doesn’t rock.

Now let’s get the wheels in place, or to be specific, the old tire. Once the legs are perfectly secured flip the base over and apply construction glue on the flat surface generously. Set your tire on top of it and wait for the glue to dry.

Next, glue the smaller circle of the plywood and the shallow region of the tire top and attach them together to make a decent table top. Now comes the rope! Here you will attach the rope to the surface of the tire with some glue. You can start around the base and make your way to the top.

Finalize by painting the legs and our trendy tire table is ready to become a noteworthy part of the interior décor!

Image: Wicker Paradise

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