Reasons to Consider Building a House in Missouri

When it comes to purchasing a home, it can take months of preparation and usually will take months before the sale is finalized. A common problem many homeowners face when it comes to buying an older home is lack of space, low ceilings, old plumbing and electricity, outdated countertops, or older carpeting, which is why many people choose to build their own home. 

The first step of building your dream house is deciding on a place where you and your family can spend the rest of your life. Missouri is one of the most beautiful states in the country. It has a low cost of living, a rich history, and millions of acres of beautiful real estate, which is why six million people call The Show-Me State home. If you’re looking for a place to settle down and build your dream home, there is plenty of land for sale in Missouri.

Here are some reasons to consider building your dream home in Missouri:

Beautiful Landscape

Missouri’s landscape is something straight out of National Geographic, with its breathtaking mountain ranges, crystal clear waters, and eclectic wildlife, which is why tourism continues to strive across the state. Missouri is also home to Lake of the Ozarks State Park, with over 3 million visitors annually. The Ozarks is the most visited state park in Missouri. The park features over 1000 miles of shoreline to fish from and is also a great place for swimming and boating. The Ozarks is also home to “Party Cove.” It attracts around 8,000 people on summer weekends and is considered to be our country’s oldest floating bacchanal.

Friendly People

One thing you’ll notice when visiting Missouri is that everyone is polite, smiling, and will always greet you with a hello, or ask how you’re doing. Missouri is a place where people go to find a calmer, relaxed way of living. The state is built on its people’s comradely, and the strong close-knit groups in their communities. They not only have a strong sense of faith but also pride themselves in helping their neighbors.

Being Closer to Nature

Many people move to Missouri to simply be closer to nature. The state is home to some of the most beautiful state and national parks, including Katy Trail State Park, Bennet Spring State Park, and Backcountry, which has over 60,000 acres and the largest private forest in the state. If you’re a fishing enthusiast or avid hunter, Missouri is probably the best place to live. The state has hundreds of fresh lakes and rivers to fish from. It has one of the largest deer populations in the country, which makes Missouri an outdoorsmen’s paradise.

Great Food and Beer

When a person thinks of Missouri, I’m sure great food is one of the first things to come to mind. Kansas City is home to some of the country’s best barbecue. They even coined the term Kansas City-style barbecue, which is meat that is smoked over a pit; the process can take hours to weeks until the meat is smoked to perfection. Barbecuing in Kansas City traces its history back a 100 years when Henry Perry, who is often considered to be the Father of Kansas Barbecue, starting selling slow-cooked ribs for 25 cents a slab. During the 1920s, when the Jazz era started to pick up momentum, Kansas City Style BBQ became a national phenomenon. People now will drive thousands of miles just to be able to experience a proper Kansas City-style barbecue. The state isn’t just known for BBQ. Cities like St. Louis and Kansas City take pride in having some of the best-tasting beers in the country. These beers would include Abraxas, Fuzzy, and, of course, Mothers Brewing Company, which produces one of the best stout beers in the world.


Another great thing about living in Missouri is its affordability. When you decide to buy land to build your dream house, it could cost you upwards of ten thousand dollars, just to secure a decent sized plot to build your home. Missouri, on the other hand, has not only one of the country’s lowest living costs but also allows you to find parcels of land for significantly cheaper prices. In Missouri, the average price for an acre of land is usually under $3,000, which is a hard price to pass by.

Photo by Jesse Roberts

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