Ready to Commit to a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle? Check Out These Tips

Despite the evidential proof of the impact human behavior has on our planet, there are still a shocking number of climate change deniers in our world. Fortunately, the number of believers continues to grow as more individuals seek out ways to convert their everyday lifestyles to more eco-friendly practices.

This typically starts with families deciding to “reduce, reuse, or recycle” but doesn’t often get much further than that. If you’re ready to make some changes that might be a good start. However, there are many more options of lifestyle changes that will have a significant impact in reducing your carbon footprint. While some of these changes take a bit more effort or research on the individual’s part, there are plenty of resources if you’re ready to take your eco-friendly choices a step further. Recently, a group of experts shared their best tips for living green and they range from making major changes in the design of your home to altering your diet.

If you’re willing to make changes to your home, there are plenty of quick additions you can add such as installing a Nest Learning Thermostat which learns your daily habits to reduce the energy used to heat and cool your home. For those who are ready to make bigger changes to their home, installing foam insulation or adding solar panels. Or, go all the way and move into a tiny home.   

Looking for smaller, every day changes? Consider growing your own vegetable garden or eating locally-sourced foods. Small purchases such as a reusable washcloth instead of paper towels or selecting an eco-friendly detergent to do your laundry can make a big impact overall.

There are so many steps that can be taken to push our civilization in the right direction. If everyone could commit to one small change (like turning off the water while you brush your teeth) then our world would be a better place for it. If you’re not sure what else you can do, there are plenty of experts in the field who are more than willing to share their advice. Just ask!


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