Natural Ways To Control Pests Around Our Yards

Pests are not just annoying, but they also pose a great health hazard to our daily livelihood. The only way to deal with them is to find a way of terminating for good. There are various methods of terminating pests around us. Some are friendly methods while others are not. If you are an environmentalist and love everything natural, then this post will share with you some of the natural ways you could employ and deal with pests. You may as well get in touch with Moxie Pest Control services who will help you to get rid of the pesky pests around your yard and even inside your house. Let us check out the following tips:

  1. Drain any standing water

Water is an important aspect of life, even to the lives of pests. Standing water may come about as a result of rainstorms or may accumulate while running your sprinklers. It basically has no fresh source. Stagnant water does not just bring bad odor, but also attract various tenacious pests, such as mosquitoes. It is vital to know the risks that come with stagnant water and taking necessary measures to avoid the sources in your backyard so as to avoid getting into contact with these pests.

For example, you may try draining the water. At times, you will still have some water left. When the soil is dry, add some compostable materials to the soil and cover it with some materials that slowly compose, like sawdust. You may as well try changing the topography of your yard. Have a lower point in the yard next to your external drainage system. This will help to channel the stagnant water away. You may as well have some plants around your yard. They will use the water to grow themselves. It is also important to clean and treat swimming pools regularly.

  1. Clean out trash that has been blown into the yard

Uncollected trash in your yard may transform your yard to a fertile ground for some furry visitors. It is important to remove things that attract the insects to breed. These may include blown away papers and cans, which may bring in eggs from their places of origin and, upon maturity, start being a menace to you. Some pests that may come with blown trash include cockroaches, houseflies, and mosquitoes. Cockroaches, in particular, are very difficult to deal with and eradicate once they find their way into your home. It is very important that you collect trash blown into your yard and throw it into the trash bin for the garbage collectors to dispose of.

  1. Keep things clean on the outside

If we fail to keep our yards clean, as we have already established, pests will certainly find their way into our houses. Most of them will be looking for the same thing: food, water, and shelter. They will also bring in diseases. Failing to clean up regularly will cause the garbage in the yard to rot and cause pungent odor. This kind of environment attracts insects. Continuous negligence will cause the insects to eventually find their way into our houses. Clean out daily and have seals on your trash bins to keep odors in. This will make it difficult for pests to find fertile breeding grounds.

  1. Use the wood you have stacked up

Once you have chopped some wood to build a fire, make sure to use it. This is because wood is a great habitat for insects, such as spiders and ants. You can keep the wood stacked up 20-30 feet away from your house, cover the wood, don’t let the firewood touch the ground, and bring in just enough wood supply for the present fire.

  1. Keep clippings cleaned up

Insects are often on a hunt to get new locations to breed, including unnecessary vegetation. Try to cut down potential places pests could make their home by ensuring your lawns are mowed on a regular basis. Flies, in particular, find piled lawn clippings an ideal breeding ground.

Pests are not friendly and can be really irritating. Take into account the tips shared above and you will have a pest-free life.

Image: Mikhail Vasilyev

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