Natural Health Benefits of Adding Beauty in the Home

Art Prints FramesAlthough many people associate the positive health benefits of art with creating it themselves, psychologists and other medical professionals have also indicated that simply viewing art on a regular basis can also provide you with several perks. Therefore, it is a good idea for fathers to consider purchasing art prints to place in their home. Even if you are not very familiar with the art world, you can easily pick out a few eye-catching prints by utilizing an online art store.

Here are a few ways that art can benefit you and your family:

  1. Bright Colors can Increase an Infant’s Cognitive Abilities – According to psychologists, exposing a baby to a wide variety of colors will enable their brain to make more neuron connections than their peers who do not receive the same level of visual exposure. In other words, placing art prints on your walls that contain bright colors can actually help your child become more intelligent. This is definitely a great way to give them a good head start in life, and you can provide them with this important opportunity without needing to spend a lot of money.
  2. Art can Reduce Their Stress Level – Although many people believe that young children do not have a high amount of stress in their lives, it is important to recognize the fact that they do deal with factors on a daily basis that can cause them to feel stressed out. For example, if they have an older sibling, they could feel stress based around the idea that they could be picked on at any moment. Therefore, it is vital to take steps to help reduce the level of stress that is felt by each member of your home.
  3. Viewing Art can Increase Creativity – Having a creative outlet is a great way for a child to relieve their anxiety and increase their self-esteem. Fortunately, research has proven that simply viewing art will enable the viewer to become more creative. In other words, placing art prints on your walls is an investment in your child’s overall future creativity. When you consider how often they will be called upon to be creative in the future, it is easy to understand why you should help them build their level of creativity at a young age.
  4. Art Boosts Mental Health – There have been several studies conducted that have proven that there is a link between viewing art on a regular basis and having a positive mental outlook. In fact, developing an appreciation for art can help the viewer ward off feelings of depression. When you add this to the fact that art can also reduce stress, increase creativity and increase a child’s mental faculties, it is no wonder that so many people make the decision to place colorful art prints in their home.

Now that you understand all the positive benefits of art, it is a good idea to consider purchasing art prints for each child’s room and any shared areas of your home. By doing this, you will help give your child a good basis for positive mental health, and you will also encourage them to develop an appreciation for art and other cultures.

[About the author: Regi Waters, a performance artist and freelance writer, is always looking for new ways to add color to her walls without painting! While searching online at sites such as, she found vibrant artworks to help de-stress and release her creativity.]

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