Must-have kitchen appliances in your home

The dwelling place of your entire family’s health is the food you consume. But your source of energy, food, is being made in the kitchen which has often not been given the due importance that it deserves. Actually, your kitchen upholds your family day-by-day. So it is important to have much-needed appliances that help you to save your money, time, and more importantly, complexities in food preparation. You should also consider that there should be ample space and racks available to keep appliances properly.

In recent time, there are number of innovative kitchen appliances being launched in the market. It is recommended that apart from your regular kitchen appliance you will be needing these innovative products to smooth out your kitchen activities.

Let us have look at some of the innovative products that you should have in your kitchen…


1) Instant Pots:


Instant pots are the new range of innovative cookers loaded with features. You can save on many of your other appliances as they have plenty of built-in features. These are SMART COOKERS with added features. Let us view some of the features.


  • It saves your precious time as it cooks meals instantly. It takes more than half the time you usually takes normally. It has all-in-one features such as steaming, pasteurizing, pressure cooking, slow cooking, sauteing, making of yogurt, cooking, and warming of rice
  • It comes with a basket made of a stainless-steel steamer which enables you to make TWO dishes at one time!
  • It comes with an external LED screen that shows you the progress of food that is being prepared. You can have full control of your cooking time.
  • You can program your cooking. As said earlier, it has the ability to cook faster and reliably. Apart from pressure cooking, you can have your meals of Egg, Yogurt, Grains, Soups, Meat, Beans, lasagne etc… As it is an electric product, you need to have a proper connection available in your kitchen. It saves your cooking gas as it works entirely on electricity. Due to its fast work, it also saves your time.


2) Mixer grinders:


A good Mixer Grinder is a need for any kitchen, as it is an amazing kitchen gadget. It helps you in mixing and grinding your cooking ingredients. It is easy to use, and a durable product with lots of built-in safety features.


3) Juicer: 


As the name indicates, the main work of juicer is to extract juice from the pulp of fruits and vegetables. It also helps you in grinding of nuts and mixing of some hard substances.


4) Espresso Machines:


Espresso Machines are used to make coffee, espresso, and cappuccino. It gives you much-needed refreshment after you come back from the hours of work and tired.


5) Microwave Oven:


Microwave Oven is one of the most important products of your kitchen. It is a multipurpose product where you can bake the cake, toast and cook various meals. It gives uniform heating to your meals.


6) Tandoors and Grills:


This kitchen appliance is very useful when you and your family are planning for a bash/party in your house. This appliance also enables you to feed warm non-vegetarian dishes to your family. Yes, they are very handy for instant meals like sandwiches and toasted bread primarily made for breakfast. There are a variety of innovative products available on the market.


7) Kettles:


Kettles are part and parcel of any kitchen. They can be used in all domestic needs for serving tea, coffee, boiling water, etc. Nowadays, the demand for innovative electric kettles is increasing as it maintains the heat of the container.


8) Jar Sets:


There are different tiny materials that need to be kept in a jar, so a proper jar set is needed to sort out these things. The proper set enhances the look of the kitchen, so it is very important to choose jar sets wisely. Transparent jars are advisable as you can easily search for items if you can see them in the jar. There are various sets are available. You can save space as well, as you can organize your kitchen according to the size and shape by stacking one over other vertically or horizontally.


9) Water Purifier:


A Water Purifier is an integral part of your kitchen. About 90% of diseases are waterborne, so it is of uttermost important to keep your family safe and secure from the infected water. You can never fully trust the quality of the water our communities provide. You must be 100% safe from infected water. Here, you can have one good Water Purifier in your kitchen. If your source of water is a well, you can opt for a built-in Reverse Osmosis water purifying system, otherwise, the UV system is enough.


10) Hand Blenders:


Hand Blenders are very useful when you have to deal with small ingredients. They add swiftness and ease to your cooking. They are tall, lightweight, sleek and can be easily mounted on your wall. They are your true companion in the making of lassi, chutney, pesto, ketchup, buttermilk, and other products which you involve in your daily diet.


11) Ice Cream Blenders:


As the name indicates, Ice Cream Blenders are used in the preparation of desserts; especially Ice Cream. You can prepare a delicious mix in your ice cream blender, and with the help of a blender, you can blend strawberry, blueberry, frozen hot chocolate, banana flavor, orange cream, pistachio, pina colada, lemon, mint chocolate chip, cake batter, cookie dough, and spinach. Yes, this blender should be a part of your kitchen home appliances, especially if there are kids in your home.


12) Meat grinders:


If you are compulsive non-vegetarian, you must own a Meat Grinder, which grinds the meat into proper shape and size. Plus you will get a hard part of meat chopped which is a source of calcium for your body.


13) Slow Cooker:


There is a range of slow cookers available in the market. Most of the nutrients and micro-nutrients of your food are being preserved in slow cooking. It controls the temperature and is easy to clean.

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