Minimalist Lifestyle – Can a Coach Help?

Tiny HouseThe average American home is approximately 2,600 square feet, and it is common for owners to end up paying as much as $200,000 in interest alone. Additionally, larger homes require an increased amount of electricity and gas, and this makes them an environmental nightmare. However, you do have options if you would like to reduce your negative impact on the environment, while also getting your finances back in line. For example, there is a growing movement among eco-friendly individuals and families to move into so-called ‘tiny houses.’

What Is a Tiny House?

According to the Tiny Life, most tiny houses are only 100 to 400 square feet. This provides a simplified living space that is socially conscious, fiscally sound and eco-friendly. For example, studies have indicated that only 29.3 percent of U.S. homeowners who have a typical house actually own their home outright. On the other hand, 68 percent of the people who live in a tiny house no longer have a mortgage.

This one fact alone helps to illustrate how much more affordable tiny houses are, and it does not even factor in the fact that you will save a lot of money on energy costs every month. Additionally, the average cost of building a tiny house is only $23,000.

How do I Prioritize My Belongings?

As enticing as moving into a tiny house can be, it is important to recognize the fact that you will need to downsize in order to make this work. In other words, it will be necessary to get rid of a lot of your personal belongings. Even people who are completely dedicated to the environment can still have a difficult time making the adjustment between living in a large home and moving into one that is so small.

However, the Canadian tiny house movement is in full swing and has embraced downsizing. According to a life coach from Noomii, their goal is “to live their passion and dreams and enjoy life to its fullest.”

What Will a Life Coach Do?

The main role of a life coach is to help you analyze your life so that you can more effectively achieve a specific set of goals. In other words, if you go to a life coach and ask them to assist you with the process of prioritizing all of your belongings, they will provide you with the perfect template for making this happen. Because of this, it is becoming increasingly common for individuals and professionals to turn to a life coach when they need to make a major change.

A major advantage of hiring a professional life coach to assist you with your efforts to downsize is the fact that they will not have an emotional attachment to any of your items. Therefore, they can help you make a solid determination about the importance of each object as it relates to achieving your goal of living a more minimalist and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Moving into a tiny house might not be the right solution for everyone, but it will definitely enable you to reduce your carbon footprint and take control of your personal finances. Therefore, it is definitely a good idea for everyone to at least consider making this change. As an added bonus, tiny houses are small enough that they can easily and affordably be powered by alternative energy methods such as solar panels.

[About the author: ‘Keeping it simple’ is a way of life for Regi Waters, a performance artist and freelance writer. Photo Credit: faircompanies]

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