Memory Foam Mattress: What You Should Know When Buying One

A good day starts with a good rest. And a good rest can be affected by our sleeping conditions, including the mattress we sleep on. Traditional mattresses are useful in many ways, as they offer excellent support for our rest, but lately, people chose to forget about the conventional ones and buy instead memory foam mattresses. And it’s understandable, since it increases the comfort so much.

What is a memory foam mattress?

A memory foam mattress is a thick mattress which has a material which is incredibly supportive and which can help in conforming the many types of body that people have during the sleep time. What’s interesting about these mattresses is that they regain their shape after you get out of bed. It holds the body in every position you can have during the night, and it gives comfort to your back, shoulders and hips. It’s been said that it also reduces the pressure points and helps you have a good night, uninterrupted sleep.

If you want to get one mattress of this kind for yourself, you should know that there are many factors to take into account when shopping for one. You should look at the type of the memory foam, the density and the size. This article is meant to make your life easier.

Measure the size of the frame of the bed

These mattresses are cataloged as “specialty”, but that doesn’t mean they don’t suit all the standard sizes (which actually makes possible the pairing with your standard bed frame). It doesn’t matter what kind of bed you own, be it a California King one or a single bed – there’s always a mattress that can fit your bed. Mattress toppers are also something you should be looking for. They are laid on the top of your mattress to make you sleep even more comfortably and helps you feel the memory foam more clearly, without having to pay more cash for it.

If you’re going from 0, you have a lot of options when it comes to bed frame, from basic steel ones, to modern-style beds with platforms that can certainly give a new atmosphere to your room.

About the foam types

People believe that memory foam is just one kind of foam but in reality, there are multiple types from which you can choose from.

The traditional one cradles the body when it creates a soft support, which is also known to increase the circulation. The gel memory foam has the gel formulation that can be placed in the inserts that can also be found in shoes to get rid of the pressure. This particular type of foam is perfect for those of you who suffer from sore muscled, body stress and chronic pain.

If you know that you heat up when you sleep, then you should choose a mattress with air-cool memory foam. This innovation helps in filtering out the heat while the body warms up in the night, which gives you the rest you deserve.

Image: Emily May

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