Luxurious Living & Sizing Down

By Wendy Dessler

When the words “luxurious home” come to mind, do you immediately reference a mansion in Beverly Hills or a spacious apartment in New York City? Do visions bounce through your mind of a 10,000-square foot home perched atop a sea wall overlooking the ocean?

Luxurious living can take many forms and is truly in the eye of the beholder. It is not necessary to have all that “extra” square footage and live in luxury. In fact, a popular trend developing is going small, small in quantity, not quality.

For a single adult or couple, you can part ways with all that “unnecessary stuff,” pare down your life, and enjoy a simpler existence.


Evaluate your current living situation. How many rooms are left virtually unused? Are you using that spare bedroom or two for storage of that “unnecessary stuff” and has it become an eyesore?

The reality is that today there is a movement growing of “sizing down,” and people who do just this are enjoying the benefits that come with it. Start with your closet. How many of the clothes hanging or neatly folded in your dresser drawers have you worn in the last 6 months? Year?

By a simple elimination of stuff not being used you have made a great beginning to a simpler way of living without giving up those luxuries you love.

Once you have pared down your belongings you can begin the design of your smaller home. This is where you can let your creative juices flow, and careful thought and consideration is imperative with the interior and exterior designs.

Worry not, as just because you are sizing down does not mean you must live in a cramped domicile. Bear in mind, this is assuming you have the liberty to participate in the design, maybe with some engravings you could do with a laser cutter from https://www.bosslaser.com. It may be that you choose to purchase a pre-manufactured home.

Where do we start and end our days? In the morning, we find ourselves in our bathroom getting ready for the day, and in closing our day out we spend some time in there as well.

Have you ever spent time at someone’s house and found their bathrooms to be less than ideal? Creates an uncomfortable feeling inside does it not? Perhaps an overnight stay at a nice hotel revealed a less than ideal bathroom.

The bathroom can get your day started on a luxurious note or one of dread. You deserve the best that money can buy, and simply because you have a smaller home does not mean you have to have lesser quality, that’s why you could get some company as Orange County Bathroom Remodels, to make worth your money.


A 4-time winner of “Best of Houzz” for Customer Satisfaction, which is only won by 1% of the professionals with Houzz, offers a square vessel sink that will make for a great centerpiece in your new bathroom.

The trend now is quality over quantity. Some will say that it is “sacrificing space and possessions,” while those of us who have embraced this lifestyle know better. The freedom that comes with a simpler way of living has its advantages for all.

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