Interior Design Tips to Make Your Home Look More Instagrammable

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The Instagram lifestyle is highly coveted in our generation. Creating perfect, cinematic scenes has created a generation of gifted photographers, stylists, interior designers and models.

This being said, curating a home environment that is truly Instagram worthy is much harder than it seems. But, while we can’t place a real-life filter over your rooms, we are able to provide a more practical guide to refining every room in your home, and getting it picture perfect.

Read on if you want to make the very best of your home.

1.) Lighting

The perfect picture is all about good lighting, so the same applies to make your home look more photogenic. We recommend introducing many sources of light for each room in your household. Don’t draw the curtains; welcome the sun in with windows and skylights. Lampshades for overhead lighting adds further tone and texture to the room, too. Let’s not forget about small sources of light.

This could be anything from standing lamps and bedside lamps to candles or fairy lights. It’s also important to carefully consider how the wall paint in each room will affect brightness. Bold colors can make your house look darker and smaller, whilst natural and neutral tones are reflective, inviting the sunlight in.

2.) Flooring

Believe it or not, your flooring has a big impact on the aesthetic appeal of your home. It’s the main factor that ties everything together, transforming a scruffy room into something much fresher and more elegant.

We recommend avoiding materials like carpet, which don’t photograph well and tend to start looking a little tired over time. Instead, engineered wood flooring is the best bet for an Instagram-worthy shot. Wood floorboards have an ageless appeal, never losing their popularity even as interior design trends come and go. Engineered wood flooring also looks better for longer. What’s more, it can be nicely paired with a decorative rug, adding character and class to your home for that perfect photograph.

3.) Accessorize

Interior design and Instagram have one major thing in common: they’re both about perfect styling. Those final, finishing touches can bring a little more life and depth to your room, making for interesting and aesthetically pleasing photographs. It’s also a great way to personalize your space – after all, there’s nothing less inspiring than a room that looks the same as the rest.

For those who don’t know how to accessorize, here are some basic pointers. Start by choosing ornaments which match the general aesthetic of your room. For example, accent the sofa with some kitschy cushions if that’s your style, or place a decorative plate on the coffee table and fill it with potpourri if you’re going bohemian. Add subtle hues which match the color scheme where you can, too. It’s these little details that bring your photos to life.

These are our tips for cultivating an Instagram-worthy home. Remember to use lighting correctly, add a sense of personality, and carefully choose wallpaper and flooring to make everything picture perfect.

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