Innovative Ways to Furnish a Room

Every now and again, life throws something unexpected at you. Perhaps your car or boiler breaks down or a family member needs a bit of financial help. In that situation, you will need to make some extra cash quickly. If you are lucky, you will have a spare room that you can rent out to holidaymakers or a tenant, for a few months. In most cases, all you have to do is to furnish it, clean everything and maybe touch up the decor. The cleaning and painting aspects of the job are usually easy and not expensive to get done. Sadly, the same cannot be said for say buying a new bed and wardrobe. Fortunately, when you read on, there are alternative ways to get the job done.

Rent some furniture

If you only need to furnish a room for the short term renting some furniture could be the way to go. Firms like emblemfurniture make furniture rental really easy and accessible to ordinary people. They do not stipulate how many items you rent from them, or for how long. This means if you have a friend or relative coming to stay for a month you can potentially set up a really nice room for them without having to go all of the expense of buying new furniture.

Start making your own furniture

I am a huge fan of woodworking, so making the furniture I need is something that really appeals to me. Now, I understand that this option is not right for everyone, but nonetheless, I would still encourage you to have a go. Making a simple table is a great way to learn the basics of cutting and finishing wood and making good joints.

Re-purpose what you already have

Sometimes, you can simply repurpose some of what you already own. It could be as simple of moving an item of furniture from one room to another. Or, you could bring an item up to date that looks a bit tired. It is amazing how good a chair can look, if you rub it down, re-varnish it and perhaps re-upholster it. All of these tasks are well within the capabilities of people who can do basic DIY. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that you can use to find out how to carry out these types of tasks. Usually, you do not need to buy any extra tools. All you really need is a bit of time to do the work.

Borrow a few items

If you only need the furniture for a few months, you can potentially borrow what you need from family and friends. Most people have items of furniture sitting around that they do not really want, but have not got around to disposing of. Provided you have access to a van, this option is one of the cheapest and easiest.

Tap into the recycling revolution

However, the best way to get your hands on low-cost furniture is to find your local recycling center or co-operative. That way, you can tap into the fact that people throw perfectly good furniture away every single day. In some cases, it ends up going through a recycling co-operative. If you are a member and have access to a van or estate car you can get your hands on some of these items without having to pay a thing. You can find out more about how to do this from this article.

Photo by Tim Wright on Unsplash

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