How to Sell a House With Kids: A Guide for Parents

Even in ideal circumstances, putting your house on the market presents some challenges. If your kids are involved in the process, it can be overwhelming. Kids, especially the young ones, can mess up a tidy room within a few seconds. Besides, they can fight you throughout the process and zap out all your energy. Fortunately, you can keep your house sane and in tip-top shape for viewing with a game plan. Here is a guide for parents who want a fast house sale with kids involved in the process.

Inform Your Kids of the Sale

The thought of moving may frighten your children and lead to arguments, but it is best to inform them of your plans in advance. Parents always want to shield their kids from unnecessary strife. Therefore, most will avoid talking about the sale until they put a sign on the lawn, and kids start asking questions. It is better to be open about your decision. Besides, your children may be excited about moving to a better home and being close to their loved ones. If you explain the reason for moving, they will give you the support you need, like keeping their rooms neat and going out during showings.

Get Rid of Clutter and Organize Rooms

Ensure your home appeals to the masses despite having kids. That means you have to remove clutter, including kid-friendly features that a potential buyer may perceive negatively. Remove the murals on the walls, family photos, fun colors, and specialized play areas. Having kids often leads to an accumulation of junk, and you have to purge many items from the house to make it market-ready. If you have tons of toys and kids’ stuff, rent a storage unit to keep the items with sentimental value. All those stuffed animals and posters that could turn off a buyer should be removed.

After de-cluttering, organize the closets and cabinets in the rooms before showings. Most buyers will open cabinets and closets to get an idea of the available storage. Therefore, you should fold and arrange your clothes and shoes neatly. Arranging the rooms makes them appear more prominent and aesthetically appealing at a glance.

Deep Clean the House

When you are living with kids, the house will accumulate additional dirt. Sometimes they will carry their dirty toys into the house and smear surfaces with sticky substances. If you do not want your kid’s proverbial handiwork to get in the way of a sale, ensure you deep clean the house.

You can hire a professional cleaner to assist you with the cleaning. Unfortunately, even after a deep clean, kids can still make a mess during their playtime, which means you have to clean up after them. Alternatively, you can pick specific rooms to clean, depending on the buyer. For instance, if the buyer has no kids, concentrate on removing junk from the kitchen, dining, and living areas. If an area is going to be messy, it should be the kid’s room. Buyers will not fault you for that.

Paint the Walls

All those bright colors on the walls that add personality to your living space can ruin a sale. Therefore, you have to make your home generic with neutral colors. Overbearing décor and fun colors are showstoppers. To reel in serious offers, repaint the wall to get rid of the kid themes and chalkboard paint. A fresh lick of paint will also cover any blemishes.

Distract the Buyer From Problematic Areas

Kids are notorious for leaving toys at the drop of a hat. When you are short on time before a showing, you need to be creative. While you can use totes to quickly gather up the mess and dump it in the garage, you can also distract buyers. Let in a little natural light through the window, and the well-lit room will distract them from the kid’s stuff lying around. You can also create a focal point to expand the space through optical illusion. Use art, mirrors, or flowers in the less attractive rooms to make it appealing. A well-lit kid’s bedroom will appeal to a buyer even if it is messy. However, poor lighting and mess is a major turnoff to buyers.

Set Specific Times for Showings and Open Houses

Kids can ruin a showing or make buyers uncomfortable. To avoid awkward moments, schedule house showings at specific times. However, do not hold off on viewings if you want your house to sell faster. During the open house, organize what your kids will do. You can find someone to take them to the park or to watch a movie. That way, they will be out of your way, and you can stage the house before a potential buyer arrives.

While selling your home with kids is stressful, you can manage without losing your mind. A game plan goes a long way in ensuring a successful and fast house sale.

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