How To Make Well Water Safe for Drinking

Many people think that drinking from a well in these times is only a survivalist’s dream come true, but it’s far more common than you’d think. More than 15% of American homes are dependent on well water as a source of drinking water. Well water has been used for thousands of years with minimal risks, relatively, but that doesn’t mean that it should be drunk today without any prior checks and regular maintenance.

Unsafe well water means that the water is contaminated with toxic substances like bacteria and nitrates, and these substances can cause nausea, kidney stones, brain damage, and even cancer. Babies experience the worst symptoms of contaminated water, as it can cause a temporary disruption of oxygen, which can deal unexpected damage to their fragile bodies. We’ll be giving you the best ways to make sure that your well water is perfect for drinking, washing, showering, and how to keep it so.

Testing It

If your well is a private well that isn’t governed, then you need to make sure it’s tested. A lot of laboratories and authorized entities can give you a very accurate indication of the safety of your drinking water. Even if your neighbor’s well water had been tested and found safe, that doesn’t necessarily mean that yours is safe. There is no way to know if it’s drinkable or not, even if you don’t feel ill, that doesn’t mean that it’s not causing any long-term damage.

Checking the Basics

There are many variables that can determine if your well is safe for drinking or not. Some are as follows:

  • Construction: If it was well-constructed issues won’t be popping up every few days;
  • Location: By knowing if it’s common for wells to be contaminated in these areas;
  • Maintenance: The age of the well can help define its preliminary safety, in addition to knowing the last time it underwent maintenance;
  • Source: By checking the source your water is drawn from underground;
  • Any human activity that could potentially cause issues to your well.

Water Filters

If homeowners have already installed water filters for water that is coming from an authorized entity like the government, then you should definitely not skim through this part. Well water is actually harder to be filtered than regular water, it takes extra strong filters to do it. This is exactly why you should be investing in whole house water filters for well water. There is no way for you to ensure that the water going into your house is 100% clean without a filter, even if your well has proved to be safe for drinking. Any unexpected or sneaky problem could cause you a lot of problems on the long run without a filter to have your back.

To keep your drinking safe from lead, iron, and other contaminates that are harmful for your body, you can use an iron filter that can filter your well water.

Private wells are believed to be ancient sources of water, and they have proved to be efficient, which is the reason why they aren’t going out of fashion today. Having a well sitting in your land without any use is a true waste of resources and money. But you need to always be careful about the cleanness of your water since the well water requires regular maintenance and tests.

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