How To Make an HVAC System Run More Efficiently

It takes a lot of electricity and money to run an HVAC unit. In some instances, it can cost thousands of dollars annually just to stay comfortable in your house. That is why many homeowners have begun to install more energy efficient HVAC units in their homes. Regardless of the exact system in your home, there are various techniques you can employ to make it run more efficiently. This will extend the lifespan of your system and save you money in the long run.

Change the Air Filter Often

Dirty air filter will make the system not run as efficiently as it could. The reason is that air has a harder time flowing out of a dirty filter, so the entire system has to use more electricity to accommodate. An easy way to tell it is time to change your filter is by shining a flashlight through the vent. If you cannot see through it, then it is time to swap it out. In general, you should switch out the filter once every one or two months. However, there are some filters that can last for an entire year.

Buy a Programmable Thermostat

A simple way to lower your utility bills is to install a programmable thermostat. You need to use this system correctly or else you will not see any savings. For instance, you can program the system to be turned off for eight hours Monday through Friday when you are at work. After all, it does not make sense to cool down your home when you are not there. Get your summer running right with a more efficient AC system that only works when you are there.

Check Your House’s Registers and Ducts

There are various registers and ducts in an HVAC system that allow air to move freely throughout the building. You can inspect these pathways yourself every so often to see if they require vacuuming. In the event you do not feel comfortable examining these pathways yourself, then you can hire a professional HVAC expert to come out to take a look. Routine maintenance like this will ensure your system lasts for as long as possible.

Clean the Coils

Additional components that require regular inspection are the coils. You will find these parts on the outdoor unit. When the fan pulls in air, it also pulls in any debris in the air. As a result, the coils can get dirty very easily. You should take a look at the exterior unit at least once a week to see how the coils are doing. It is recommended to keep any bushes and trees away from the unit so that your HVAC system can perform optimally. For a more thorough cleaning, you can hire an HVAC professional to assist you.

With all these tips, you may not have to replace your HVAC system any time soon. You can also enjoy lower utility bills, which results in more money in your pocket. However, when the time comes for a full replacement, make sure you get the installation done by professionals.

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