How A Shed Can Benefit Your Entire Family

Most Americans see sheds as nothing more than storage space. With the average shed measuring in at 120 square feet, many fail to see the opportunities that such a building offers. However, with Instagram reporting that more than 46,000 searches for the hashtag #SheShed have been conducted, it’s clear to see that the nation are ready to get more out of their garden shed. But how can you make your ample garden shed benefit your entire family?

A working environment

An increasing number of Americans are working from home, according to CNBC. They report that there has been a 385% increase in the number of job-seekers searching for remote roles. Meanwhile, individuals living in Atlanta, Tampa and Phoenix and most likely to work from home. When you’re building a business up from scratch, it’s essential that you have a dedicated area at home to work in. A rent-to-own shed is a convenient and cost-effective way to create your very own home office. Using your shed as an office, also creates a boundary between your home and work life, meaning your work-life balance will benefit too.

Somewhere to learn 

A poll conducted by Statistic Brain reveals that U.S teens spend an average of more than three hours each night completing homework. Even younger children are typically assigned 10 minutes per night. Therefore, a quiet and peaceful environment in the form of your garden shed is the ideal location for your kids to get their heads down and study. As sheds can have electricity running to them and insulation built within them, there’s no reason why yours can’t be utilized all year long.

A place to relax

Eight in 10 Americans report feeling stressed on a frequent or occasional basis, according to the New York Times. And, it’s no surprise considering Gallup estimates that full-time workers work 48 hours a week, while teenagers are being bombarded with so much homework. But your shed can become a place to retreat to when it all gets too much. It’s the perfect location to unwind in with a good book. Alternatively, your shed can be used as a games room, simply by hooking up some electronics or by installing some old school games, such as foosball.

With an increase in the number of Americans working from home and teenagers requiring a quiet place to study, sheds are a great extension to the family home. Additionally, they can be used by the whole family to relax and have fun in after a hard day’s work.

Image: Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

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