How a Kitchen Remodel Can Improve Your Family’s Lifestyle

Lifestyle changes are often required if you want to work towards better health for you and your family. Even recreating your living spaces can add a positive effect on your life. Some people renovate and alter their homes to create a better mood and better living spaces, all of which influence health. Did you know that 88% of people have more of a desire to be at home after painting an interior room? Knowing this alone says a lot about what changing parts of your home, like a kitchen remodel, can have on you and your family.

Improve Cleaning Habits

It’s without a doubt that kitchen remodels are one of the most popular home renovations preferred. Everyone likes their kitchen, it is simply the heart of the home, and with the right renovations, it allows for healthy cooking and lots more ease of use. Renovations to the kitchen for health may include better lighting, skidproof floor surfaces, easy-to-clean countertops, and appliances that encourage nutritious cooking.

Enjoy Better Appliances and Equipment for Safer Cooking and Eating

Appliances like an air fryer will cut the amount of trans fat you and your family consume because it uses air to cook meals. Other appliances to use include stainless steel pots instead of non-stick ones. At the time, non-stick pottery was made from harmful products that included PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid), which is linked to cancer, chronic renal disease, thyroid disease, and problems with the liver. Things have become safer since. Still, stainless steel is best. Use glass in baking and reheating food, silicone to store food and not plastic, and parchment paper over the plastic wrap.

Hiring a company to ensure that all your kitchen goods are safe, like electrical wiring, gas plate tops, and plumbing, is important. In fact, in 2018, over a quarter of reported fires were home fires, and 50% were from cooking.

Increase the Number of Home Cooked Meals

One of the things that can help promote good health is eating home-cooked meals. When you think about fast food, the picture that comes to mind is trans fat, bad cholesterol, too much sodium and sugar as well as artificial preservatives, and flavors, to name a few. Cooking your meals at home allows you to eat healthier. Healthy food includes a nutritious balance of fruit, vegetables, protein, dairy, grains, legumes, and more. Your newly renovated kitchen can increase your desire to cook at home, and you may feel encouraged to spend more time there.

Kitchen Time Is Family Time

When you think of kitchens, you think of spending time with family. Whether you’re cooking with your kids or preparing for work, the kitchen tends to draw everyone in with its welcoming aroma and warmth. Some people also add a kitchen nook to accommodate breakfasts or lunches.

Improve Accessible Storage

To reach the cookware and utensils, it has to be easily accessible to prevent unwanted and accidental injuries. Over-stretching because something is too high can cause muscle injuries and strain. If things are packed too low can also increase the chance of injury. Accessibility is key for a health-promoting kitchen space at home.

Drink Filtered Water

Filtered water is healthier to drink as filtration detoxifies and removes any potential bad stuff found inside the water. Filtering systems can be installed on the faucet, making it even easier to access clean drinkable water without the effort of boiling and cooling.

Have you done any kitchen upgrades that are helping improve your family’s health? Consider the factors above and renovate your kitchen today to improve your family’s lifestyle!