Home Security Tips for the Whole Family

On the Discovery Channel hit show Dirty Jobs, host Mike Rowe used to say, safety third. In the case of that show, it was one part comic relief, and two parts brutal honesty. Some jobs are inherently dangerous. And if we made safety the first priority, the jobs wouldn’t be done.

But your children do not have the luxury of having a safety third mentality. The world is full of dangers for which they are not ready. But you already know that, which is why you teach your child to be safe in all situations.

But while it is important to teach your child about all those dangers out in the world, it is easy to neglect to teach them about the dangers much closer to home, in particular, those dangers within the home.

Home base is supposed to be safe,Nowadays there many options available for home security, a hidden camera can be a useful tool to ensure security at home, but sometimes security aspects are not giving the proper importance, and that is exactly what the bad guys are counting on. Be sure to keep these safety tips front and center:

Doing the Rounds

If you are the product of a certain generation, you might have fond memories of watching your dad walk through the house when everyone else was supposed to be in bed. He would check the locks of the handles for bifold doors and windows, make sure all the lights were out, and all the appliances off. We might call that, doing the rounds.

That memory might fall in the category of bitter sweet. Obviously, it is nice to have the warm feeling of someone looking after you. But the bitter part is that you might have a notion that making sure the home is secure is a man’s job.

Making the rounds is not a man’s job. It’s everyone’s job. Even the kids need to learn how to secure the house. After all, they live in it. Modern technology makes that easier than ever.

If for some reason you find yourself locked out of your home, a locksmith may come in handy. It’s always good to have the phone number of Locksmiths in Peterborough.

Visit a site such as homesecurity911.com to learn about the various options available in the modern home protection system. Professional installation, 24/7 monitoring, and easy to use equipment should come standard. There are even options for people who live in apartments.

You are doing your family a disservice if you are not teaching your kids how to properly and responsibly use the security system. Home security is the job of the whole family.

Social Security

One of the biggest areas of vulnerability is social media. It is vital that everyone in the house old enough to use social media knows how to be socially secure on the family computer.

Don’t make a social media announcement when the family packs up for vacation. That is an awful lot of people who are aware that the house will be empty, and for exactly how long. That is the kind of need-to-know information that nobody needs to know. Show them your vacation photos when you get back.

You also don’t want to mention that you ordered the latest Apple product, and the expected arrival date. There may be more people than you waiting to pick up that package off your porch.

Finally, kids don’t know what information is sensitive and what isn’t. You have to be very specific about what information they should never include on the internet. You also have to model that behavior. Oversharing often starts with the parents.

Tools of the Trade

If you do a lot of cooking, there is a good chance you have sharp knives in the house. You may even allow your kids to help out in the kitchen. One school of thought is to tell them to never touch the knives. Another is to teach them how to handle knives safely.

The same thing holds for power tools and outdoor equipment like the lawn mower. It is not just about the age of the child, but also about the amount of access they are likely to have to such equipment. It is much easier to teach a child how to be safe with a dangerous thing than to entirely keep them away from it.

Make doing the rounds, social media responsibility, and equipment safety the responsibility of the whole family.

About the author: Katherine Smith (Kat) is a San Diego based freelance writer who enjoys writing on a wide variety of fitness and entertainment topics. In her free time Kat enjoys the beach and playing volleyball with family and friends. Image: Iwan Gabovitch 

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