Home Design For Different Climates

Designing a home is a dream for many families across the country, but creating a place that is perfectly suited to your individual needs and desires is not an easy task to take on. Outside of the money it takes to tackle a project like building a new home from scratch, there are a lot of other factors that need to be considered when deciding the structure and features of your dream home.

One of the benefits of building a home from the ground up is that you can build anywhere you want. Once you’ve decided where you want to live, take a look at the typical climate of that area. Is there a risk of flooding? Does it rain a lot or hardly at all? The climate surrounding your new home is an important thing to know because you can build your home to cater to the elements you’ll experience while living there. Plus, you’ll save yourself time and money down the line if you can account for future issues you might run into upfront.

The Zebra took a look at the issues caused by the four main climate types: desert, rain, cold and wind. Each climate has its own unique set of issues that can be avoided with the right exterior features. Their infographic on designing a home for every climate can help you make sure your building plans are on the right track, and provide inspiration for possible features to add on down the line. For instance, did you know that high ceilings are great for desert climates, but should be avoided if you are living somewhere cold? See more tips and tricks for making your home a unique oasis in the visual below.

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