Home and Kitchen Appliances to Help Develop A Healthier Lifestyle

Natural Papa recently ran a post breaking down the nutritional facts of some of the most popular soda and fruit drinks. Many of us succumb to the bad habit of drinking soda to get a sugar fix, or simply to wake up during a long day at the office. If you are someone who just can’t go without your favorite bubbly beverage, you may want to balance it out by working on a healthy diet in other ways.

The first step in creating healthy habits is making healthier choices. You may want to invest in some kitchen appliances to help you cook healthier foods, and we aren’t just talking about using a microwave to thaw frozen veggies.

An All-Clad stainless-steel 3qt steamer with lid will definitely help cook frozen and fresh vegetables alike. This creative design is tiered to fit both 6 inch and 8 inch pots to help you steam small or large quantities of vegetables, greens and fresh shellfish. Steaming your vegetables, rather than frying or boiling, preserve the vitamins and are easier to digest.

Next, a Breville Compact Juicer Juice Fountain. This compact juice fountain has a great space-saving small design. You can make excellent beverages that are packed with important vitamins and minerals from either your favorite fruits, or vegetables.

A Le Creuset 10.25 inch Cast Iron square grill pan is a great solution for cooking up healthier burgers. The design allows for grease to separate itself from the meat you are cooking and drain out from either side with conveniently located spouts. This gives you a great tasting burger, with less grease.

Finally, if you MUST keep soda in your diet (don’t worry, this does include me too) a Soda Stream maker offers a better way to get some tasty carbonated beverages while reducing your carbon footprint. Because Soda Stream uses water straight from the tap, the system makes traditional store-bought beverage bottles obsolete. That means less plastic manufactured, less plastic waste is created, and fewer bottled beverages must be transported from manufacturers to distributors to stores to homes. Hey, if you have to have your sweets, at least you can help the environment at the same time.

A healthy lifestyle in line with sound environmental practices begins with commitment and tools to keep you on the right track. All the items above can be found at Abt Electronics and Appliance Stores, a leader in home appliances and electronics for over 75 years.

[Guest post by Nick Eugenis]

Image: JD Hancock at Flickr

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