Experimenting with wall colors? Find out their psychological influence

Having a tiny house away from the center of a happening city usually requires people to put in more effort to embellish it well. Wall colors can really help in this regard, as they cast a psychological influence on the inhabitants of the house. People enjoy experimenting with colors and the most common colors that they plan on using include red, blue, purple, green and yellow.

If you too wish to experiment with different colors, you need to know that every color has a distinct psychological significance. Make sure that you know this psychological link behind colors before you use it on your walls. Also lighting plays an important part in all this but always go for professional help if you’re after electrical servicing because electrical issues can be very hazardous. Without further ado, let’s get started on deciding the wall colors for your tiny house.


If you hold frequent parties or get-togethers and the topic of discussion frequently turns to politics or global economic situation, red is the color for your walls. Red is said to stir up energy and is a definite conversation starter. While it will outshine during the day, creating a strong first impression, at night, it will transform into a dark, rich shade, which will speak of luxury and elegance.


Before using yellow, bear in mind that while yellow is said to generate happiness, it can also increase resentment among people at times. However, do not let this prevent you from painting a small room yellow because it has the knack to make small rooms appear wider.


After a busy day, entering a blue room will ease your mind, regulate blood pressure and make you calm. In hot places, blue has a cool appearance, especially if you use a softer, lighter shade of blue. On the other hand, blue might not be entirely suitable for a cold location.


Green is reposeful and soothing and is a good option for you if you usually work hard and home is the only place where you find time to relax. Paint the walls of your tiny house green and make it a peaceful and soothing sanctuary.


Lastly, purple speaks of luxury and sophistication and can change your small apartment into a stylish and elegant place. Using different tones of purple will enhance the rich impression.

While we are talking about wall colors for tiny houses, lets discuss some ideas on DIY wall décor ideas.

Wall décor with vintage frames

The best way to personalize an apartment is to use old pictures that bring back good memories. Framing these pictures using antique frames will give an elegant touch to your walls. Also, they add a bit of a drama to the contemporary outlook of your living room.

To add a modern twist and a personal touch to the wall, you could add a custom LED sign. Your family name or a favorite quote. The sign can have a stunning impact on the decor and also provide a warm, romantic ambience.

Using fabric to decorate walls

Fabrics with floral patterns are easily available in the market at cheap rates. All you have to do is cut the fabric in square or round shapes and either have them framed or attach them to the smooth side of a cardboard and hang them on the wall. This DIY home décor idea is easy, economical and colorful.

DIY shelves

Have you ever imagined making a bookshelf? Well, now you can literally create one! All you need is two sets of brackets, a drill, and a couple of old books. Start drilling and place one bracket on the top of the wall and one on the lower end and then slide in the book between the brackets. Once you are done, you can place lightweight objects such as vase, small photo frames or other books as well on the shelves.

Photo by Daniela Roa on Unsplash

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