Creating Energetically Secure Bathrooms with Feng Shui

Feng Shui Bathroom

Bathrooms and Feng Shui

Bathrooms are intimate rooms of transition. We go from dirty to clean and from no make-up to being made up. It is a room in which we let go of the old and release our toxins, as well as our tears. The bathroom assists us in processing that which we no longer want to keep within us.

It is the most private room of the home, and in public, it is the only place where we can get privacy. As such, the bathroom is a very important place in which to create comfort and support, especially when you are transitioning in your life and going through changes. When you are feeling vulnerable, make sure that your bathrooms are protected energetically.

What is a good color?

Most people will agree that being naked is a vulnerable state to be in. Imagine yourself naked in a sterile white bathroom. Does the thought make you feel uncomfortable? White bathrooms offer minimal energetic security and comfort. In feng shui, the color white represents metal. Metal has the qualities of being cold, hard, and unyielding and can transfer to the “feel” of a bathroom.

If you want a bathroom that is energetically supportive, choose colors that are deep and saturated to create a surrounding that is rich and enveloping. Creating more of the “womb” energy allows users to feel protected and nurtured while there. Earth tones, jewel tones, and deeper color values are excellent for the bathroom.

Feng Shui BathroomsThat being said, due to personal taste, some prefer light-colored, airy bathrooms and feel claustrophobic in anything else. In this case, just use a few accent pieces (area rugs, towels, curtains, shower curtains) in complementary earth tones to offer a bit of stability and warmth. You can also choose to add images of nature scenes to bring in more supportive energy. If you need more guidance, I suggest reading the guide to HP showerheads and curtains.

Aren’t bathrooms “bad” feng shui?

Bathrooms are filled with drains and are thought of as “bad” because of the idea that water, which represents flow and abundance, gets flushed away or goes down the drain via the bathroom.

Bathrooms can actually be “cured” or fixed so that they lose a minimal amount of energy. Of the cures I mention below, you can choose to do all or just a few.

Simple bathroom cures

  • Keep the door shut whenever you can.
  • Keep the toilet lid down and the drains closed when not in use.
  • Add upward-growing, “strong-looking” plants instead of droopy and delicate plants to counter the downward energetic force of the toilet and drains.
  • Hang a full-length mirror outside the door to deflect the energy. If you can’t hang a full-length mirror, hang one that is half-length, or at least one that you can see your head in.
  • Create a “wow” bathroom with your décor. This will help to raise the energy. I have seen Victorian, Elvis, cat, dog, and pig themes in bathrooms. If guests use your bathroom and come out complimenting it, they have helped you to keep the energy high!

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