Concrete Design Ideas for 2020

We all know how concrete has acted as a common foundation for many homes, for a long time. The great affordability and durability that it offers makes it quite a common building material for buildings of all types. Although with the advanced trends and fashion for everything in 2020, concrete is now an equally popular and demanding design element as well as a strong foundation. The aesthetic styling outlook it gives to our home interior and exterior makes it a popular and demanding material for many people. But when it comes to using concrete for designing your home’s interior and/or its exterior; you can’t just go applying it everywhere. Instead, it’s important to think upon and analyze some design ideas for concrete to make use for designing your homes.

But before you go ahead and start looking for concrete design ideas, it’s important to avail the right concrete made of high quality materials to start with. Now if you’re living in the UK, you’ll find a variety of microcement supplies to choose from. However, according to this microcement supplies UK manufacturer, it’s important to buy the one that includes good quality ingredients. This way, you can be sure of the durability and good quality material you’ll be using in your home, while implementing your creative ideas. So now let’s get going with some interesting and creative concrete design ideas for both indoor and outdoor, so that you can restyle your home this 2020 in a unique way.

Indoor Concrete Design Ideas

Support the Indoor Plants with a Concrete Support

When it comes to having indoor plants in your living room, you can give a more classic and aesthetic look with a concrete design to support it. This means that you can contrast nature’s beauty on a concrete wall or at both sides of a concrete wall. Once you do that, you’ll see how both the natural as well as the man made elements combine to give a realistic and soothing outlook. You can play around with multi-colored plants here around the concrete wall, or you can have both sides of the wall completely filled with simple green plants to keep it all decent with nature too.

Combine Wood with Concrete

If you’ve got more wooden furniture in your home, or most probably a wooden sofa set in your living room, it’s time you combine it with simplicity to give a complete catchy look. This means that with your wooden sofa set, you can combine a plain concrete wall in your living room; keeping it all simple just as it is. Once you do this, you’ll see how good wood and concrete go with each other; while taking your simple living room to a whole new level of decent and classy. Also, you don’t have to go for a completely wooden sofa set or plain concrete wall, as a sofa with a wooden frame and/or a painted concrete wall would rightly do too!

Play with Colors and Concrete

If you’re a fan of colors and pop, it’s time you make it visible in your home’s interior too. Don’t worry about having simple concrete walls in your bedroom or living room, because that’s just perfect to give your love for color an embracing lift. So you can keep things simple while just adding some colorful and artistic paintings on a concrete wall, so that the plain concrete can combine with the sharp and bright painting colors to make an embracing collaboration.

Manage Lighting With The Simple Concrete

When it comes to lifting a room look or devolving it, lighting can be a major aspect in this manner. If you go careful and accurate with how the lighting of your room is with that concrete wall, there’s no way the room would look boring or outdated. For this, you can go for bright lights in the center of the room to uplift the whole concrete look and make it look catchy.

Outdoor Concrete Design Ideas

Pour It With Grass

When it comes to combining concrete patios with grass combination, you can definitely make a great outlook with it. You can start with having acid washed slabs of concrete poured with a little gap between each slab. In the gaps you can have suitable grass that would grow easily and can be walked on, like; Elfin thyme. This combination of grass and concrete slabs in a geometrical assembly would surely give your patio a neat and natural outlook.

Warm Element on Concrete Backyard

Since keeping it simple and classy on something as simple as concrete might not be easy, it’s always better you combine it with natural elements to team up with ease. So in your concrete backyard, you can definitely add a fire pit in the middle to give a more comfortable and warm feeling and outlook. Although this fire pit might not be frequently used, since it’ll be attached to the ground; the overall outlook might give a warm and classy feeling.

Combine Gravel with Concrete

So because concrete  makes a great combination with natural elements, how can we really miss out on making a patio with a combination of concrete and gravel? To make this combination creative and classy, you can align freeform slabs of concrete in your patio. After that, you can separate these slabs by gravel channels, in whichever shape that fits your creative imagination. Since you’re getting freeform concrete slabs, you can really play with shapes here and make a creative geometrical outlook for your patio. This would give a simple as well as a catchy look to the overall patio.

Now these ideas of using concrete for designing your home’s interior and exterior might not be all that you’ll find on the internet, but they’re surely enough for you to get started with thinking creatively. This way, once you’ve got your home designed with concrete in any of the mentioned ways you like, you’ll have a better idea and creative intellect to think and add your own touch next time. With that, there’s nothing stopping you from being a pro in creating aesthetic concrete ideas on your own.

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