Beat the Heat Wave: 5 Ways to Keep your House Cool In Summer

Summers bring many wonderful things like mangoes, vacations, chilled beverages, etc. But heat waves and bodies drenched in sweat; well! These things couldn’t be exciting in any way.

As the heat waves strikes, it is difficult for everyone to go out. Even at your home, you can’t feel relaxed. It feels like someone has put your house closer to the sun.  The cost of electricity bills also increases as the temperature rises, because of the frequent use of room coolers, fans, and ACs. It is not necessary that you use electrical appliances to stay cool; there are also other ways to keep a house cool in hot weather.

Here are some useful tips to keep your home cool in the summers and combat the destructive heat waves.

  • Cross ventilation is an excellent way to flush out hot air

The best way to keep your home cool is by cross-ventilation. It flushes the hot air out of the room and brings in the fresh air. It is recommended to use windows as a medium of cross ventilation in the early mornings and evenings. The outdoor air is cooler at these times. The cross ventilation of air will keep your home cool, and you will feel relaxed.

  • Greenery is always refreshing

Who doesn’t love greenery? Everybody loves it. Plants and trees are natural air conditioners the universe has gifted us. These miracles of nature will keep your surroundings cool. Trees fight pollution; they can also regulate the incoming light and temperature off your home. For best results, plant some trees in the garden. It will create shade and keep your house and garden cool in summers .You can also put some indoor plants in your home to keep it cool.

  • Use the right fabric: cotton sheets are best for summer

If you have leather sofa covers or satin bed sheets, it’s time to change them because summers are here. The wrong kind of fabric can make you feel warmer and your body will sweat while sleeping on the satin bed sheets. Choosing the right material will help you to feel cozy and refreshed. Cotton sheets are best for summers. Also wear loose, light-colored dresses and invest a few bucks in purchasing cotton bed sheets. It will help you to sleep more comfortably in the hot weather.

  • Air-conditioners

Who doesn’t buy an air-conditioner in these scorching summers?  Everybody wants to sleep and work in the chilled AC, when the summers arrive. Many people purchase a new Ac when the heat gets unbearable. If you are one of those few people who do not purchase an AC and want to buy, go for the one with low electricity consumption. Many companies sell air-conditioner at reasonable rates; actron air is one of them.

  • Do not let sunlight enter your home

Sunlight is good for health, but it is your enemy when you want to stay cool in the summer season. You can keep your house cool by not letting sunlight enter your home by using different strategies. You can use reflective roof paints, or by closing windows, shades and drapes. It will help keep out the visible light and UV rays. In addition to that, covering windows with a portable screen or a large sheet of cardboard will also help in keeping the sunlight out from the house.

Photo by Kevin Hetebry on Unsplash

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