Bamboo Vs. Cotton – What’s better?

The advancement in technology has made it possible for bath towels to be manufactured from a wide variety of different materials. Each of these materials comes with its benefits for your skin, and some have the capabilities to dry out the water quickly than others. Here is a comparison between cotton and bamboo towels. This will assist you to understand the benefits of each.

The article will explore two types of towels which include the traditional cotton towels that are commonly used in homes and bamboo towels that are different but recognized as the most appealing substitute for cotton towels.


Cotton towels

Cotton towels are the most popular bath towels that have been in many homes for many decades. The towels have been reliable allies any time someone wants to dry the hands, body or even face. This is the standard material that is widely used in many developed countries. The majority of manufacturers will assure you that cotton is the best fabric when it comes to towels. In this article, we will help you understand the concept.

There are numerous varieties of cotton around the globe, and each regional producer uses different types of cotton when making bath towels. The most common and superior quality cotton is produced in Turkey and Egypt. Note that Turkish cotton towels have numerous benefits. For instance, the fabric absorbs a lot of water. This means that the tiny locks of cotton do not let the excess amount of water to linger on the skin after you dry yourself using the towel.

There are numerous methods of making a cotton towel, but the most popular approaches include the stacking of the cotton and creating the loops with it. If you always wonder why cotton towels are available in different colors, here is a good reason to explain this. Cotton fabric can be dyed easily without losing its quality when undergoing the process.

If you use cotton towels in your home, it is good to wash them using either hot or warm water as this will not only remove the filth but also get rid of any traces of bacteria and germs.

A tip to help you purchase the right product

If you have decided that you want to buy a cotton towel, do not go for the one that is blended with polyester since the fabric is not perfect at gathering moisture and it makes the towel ineffective.


Pros of purchasing cotton towels

  • Cheap: cotton is one of the least expensive materials that at the same time has the capability to provide superior quality to consumers. For this reason, cotton is the famous and the most ordinary type of towel in the market.
  • Available in different colors without using chemicals to attain them: by dying the cotton with natural substances will let the towel transform colors without using any chemical to alter their composition.
  • Easy to wash and maintain: cotton towels are simple to wash and maintain since all you require is a washing machine and you are good to go.
  • Allows the air to go through it: being one of the finest natural fabrics in the market, cotton allows air to pass through it and those make the towel to dry fast.

Cons of cotton towels

  • Vulnerable to damage: in most cases, cotton towels experience wear and tear easily than their bamboo counterparts.
  • Washing and dyes: if you intend to wash your cotton towels in a washing machine, you will need to avoid putting them with your clothes. In most cases, the dye will be washed off the towel and this will affect the color of other clothes.
  • Sizing: in most cases, when you dry your cotton towels, they might be vulnerable to shrinking. This problem is primarily tied to cotton clothing and can also apply to your cotton towel. To prevent this from affecting you, you can buy a slightly bigger size.

Bamboo towels


Bamboo towels are different from cotton towels as they are crafted from bamboo fibers. While bamboo fibers can be blended with other kinds of materials such as spandex and polyester, but the quality of the towel generally suffers from the blend. This means that the quality of the towel mainly depends on the material of the blend. However, bamboo towels and cotton can be mixed to craft different accessories of high quality for your bathroom. The bamboo towels are extremely soft, and they come with high antibacterial qualities. Note that these traits have made the towels famous in the past few years, even though there have been underlying issues about the origin of the fiber.

Many NGOs are fighting against the excessive cutting of old growth trees to pave the way for more bamboo so that these towels can be manufactured. These claims have received counter arguments about cotton and other materials also being resource demanding. Whether you are purchasing cotton or bamboo, it is good to research and find out if the products have been certified as sustainable and should have a seal.

Pros of bamboo towels

  • Have high absorbency: bamboo fiber is perfect for gathering the moisture, and their liquid-soaking capability is one of the most appealing aspects of these products.
  • Perfect for the environment: bath towels made from bamboo fiber are eco-friendly. Due to its attributes, the bamboo tree grows fast, and this makes the crafting of the towels harmful to the environment.
  • Comfort: the bamboo bath towels are extremely soft, especially when they are crafted from pure bamboo without any blends.

Cons of bamboo towels

  • Check on quality: before you purchase bamboo towels, you need to ensure that it will suit your needs by carefully choosing a reliable manufacturer. Some scrupulous manufacturers are in the market to make quick cash and provide poor quality products.
  • They expensive: note that bamboo towels come with a hefty price take when compared with other materials. This is because of the scarcity of the material available to use.

Purchasing a superior quality bath towel is not an easy job for many homeowners. What appeared to be a simple selection between velour and terry; Egyptian and Turkish cotton towels; Pima cotton and microfiber has now escalated to comprise towels crafted from bamboo. Having read the differences between bamboo towels and cotton towels, you can now make a decision and get a towel that suits your needs.

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