Autumn Is an Excellent Time To Have a Garage Sale

Autumn is one of the best times of the year to have a garage sale to earn extra money for the holidays. You probably just purchased new children’s clothing for school, and it is time to clean out your home’s disorganized closets. If you have young children, it is difficult for them to get dressed in the morning when their closets are bursting with garments that are too small or lightweight. Many devoted garage sale shoppers enjoy shopping on a cool autumn Saturday rather than in the hot summer.

Choose a Cool Saturday For Your Garage Sale

Choose a weekend that isn’t too early in the autumn, but make sure to have your garage sale before it begins to snow. As soon as your children return to school in August or September, begin to sort through their clothing to decide what to get rid of at a garage sale. Anything that your children wore last year while in school along with the garments from this summer should go into a laundry basket to prepare for the sale. Don’t forget to gather last year’s winter boots, coats and heavy winter clothing that you know won’t fit your daughter or son.

Wash and Hang Children’s Garments To Make the Most Money

The best way to make the most money at a garage sale is by remaining organized and offering high-quality items, make sure to contact Mr Garage Door Repair in Gilbert if your garage needs any improvements. Sort garments into different colors to wash the clothing thoroughly to remove any stains or dirt. After the clothing is dry, check each piece carefully for any damage that you can repair easily with a needle and thread. Fold or hang garments to prevent wrinkles, and you can also iron clothing to make it look more attractive.

Place a Price Tag On Each Garment

If you can organize clothing by sizes, then it will sell faster because shoppers can scoop up the bargains quickly. In addition, it is a good idea to keep the clothing on a portable garment rack. Create a price tag for each garment to ensure that garage sale shoppers won’t feel frustrated by not understanding the cost of a shirt, dress or slacks. Remember to ask reasonable prices for used garments and footwear in order to get rid of the items.

Advertise Your Garage Sale

When you live on a busy street, advertising your garage sale is easy by placing brightly colored poster board signs next to the street. However, if your home is more difficult to find, then you must become creative by posting notices on community bulletin boards at your local public library or park. Contact your town’s newspaper to place an advertisement in the classified section, and also, use online websites to get more garage sale shoppers.

Make It Easier For Customers To Park

Make it easier for customers to shop by providing parking spaces on the street or in your driveway. If you have several vehicles of your own, then ask a neighbor if you can park the automobiles in their driveway for the day. It is also a good idea to have a friend or neighbor work with you on the day of the garage sale, so this person may want to bring some of their children’s clothing to your garage sale.

Create a Fun Atmosphere

Create a fun autumn atmosphere for your garage sale shoppers with orange pumpkins and hay bales. Fill a cooler with ice, and offer low-cost beverages such as apple cider or soft drinks. Place some lawn chairs nearby so that customers can relax, talk and have fun while shopping.

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