6 Ways to Transform Your Child’s Bedroom Into the Room of Their Dreams

One of the best things you can do for your child when they’re young is invest in making their bedroom the room of their dreams. Trying to grasp parenting means learning to give a little, and allowing them to have their own individual space is ideal for growing your bond with your kids. It doesn’t take a whole lot to give them their own space; just follow our tips below.

1. Paint Patterns and Murals

One of the best ways to bring a child’s personality into the room is to add in different paint patterns and murals on the walls. Now, you can splurge and have it done professionally or you could be creative and let your child help with the painting, so they put their spin on the room. Some families have decent artists living in the home and can freehand the mural.

2. Personal Touches

Not all kids have the same interests, and that’s something you’ll learn with parenting. Some will want to have a space for art on the wall while others will want a canopy like a tent. For the kids who love space, they might want you to turn their bed into a rocket.

The best way to personalize the space is to put the child’s name somewhere in the room. This lets them know that this is their space, and they will always have that comfort space to run to when they need somewhere safe to land. This can be hung on the wall, placed on the door, or even on the bed comforter for anyone to see coming into the space.

3. Have a Storage Area

Over time, your kids will start to get a lot of stuff, and there are the transition years where they will refuse to part with the items linking them to their childhood. Make sure you provide some storage space in the room, even if it’s just an extra cubby wall with bins for easy sorting or adding storage beneath the bed.

4. Give Them an Area to Get Creative

Each child will need a creative outlet, whether that is a place to draw, read, or work on building projects. Give them a creative space with a desk and chair that is very comfortable. Standard desks can be bulky and feel very school-like. A cute artsy table and a colorful gaming chair in this space could make them feel comfortable to express themselves and have an awesome place to do their homework. There are lots of options available online. According to Ready Cloud, retail sales for online retailers made up 18% of total retail sales with projections expecting an increase to 22% by 2024.

5. Customize Their Furniture

Standard beds and dressers are practical, but they aren’t the only functional pieces you can get for a bedroom. There are new designs for furniture pieces that are unique and can still serve the purpose you need in the bedroom for your child. Nearly one in three of all mobile searches include location, so make sure you include that when looking for custom furniture in your area.

Feel free to purchase old vintage pieces and repurpose them into fun colors and designs that work for the bedroom. Many of these older pieces are built stronger than some of the newer pieces and will last years in the room. This is an opportunity to bond with your child and do a project together that always showcases some of your best memories of parenting.

6. Upgrade Windows and Doors

Upgrading the windows and doors isn’t as fun as some of the other projects on this list, and it can cost a little more. However, the safety of your kids is very important. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heat loss and gain through windows are the culprit for 20-35% of residential energy use. New windows will also manage the temperature in the room better, keeping your child comfortable while they’re in their own space.

Whether you take advantage of one or all of these ways to make a dream room for your child, make sure you have a conversation with them first and see what they’re trying to do. Even if you have a budget and think some of this is out of your hands, remember there are always second-hand shops and DIY projects that could save you money. The most important things are the memories you’ll make and the space that you create for your child.