6 Ways To Create More Space In Your House

Are you outgrowing your home? Does your home feel a bit cramped? If your answer is yes, then you need to consider creating more space in your home. Your house needs to feel homey, comfortable, cozy and spacious. It is your personal sanctuary and it is only fitting to make it the best living space you can.

Perfectly designed spaces can bring joy, happiness, and healing to people. Our living space affects how we go on with our daily lives. Here are a few ways to create more space in your house.

Maximize Wall Space

A plain wall can look simple and clean, but it doesn’t solve your space trouble, but there is much more you can do with this. You can use your wall to create more space by adding storage to the walls. You can hang shelves or make built-in shelves.

If you need even more space try adding baskets to your shelves to increase storage.

Repurpose Storage Areas

Turn a basement or an attic into another living space. We often use these areas just for storage, even though they have adequate space for other more important purposes.

Attic can be repurposed into a guest bedroom rather than just being a plain storage area. In an attic, if it has insulation everywhere you will need that removed. Then, you will need to replace it with insulation in the walls and floors.

The basement can be used as a bedroom as well but it could also be a game room, entertainment room or your own gym. Whether it is for storage or living space you should do proper, regular maintenance to ensure that your house is safe and dry.

Look Outside

If all of the viable areas inside your house already serve a great purpose and it seems like you can’t do much about it, then you might want to consider your outside area as an option. Your yard can be more than just a space for your lawn, flowers, and plants.

Building a shed in the corner of your garden is a great way to solve storage problems. Being a safe space for storing your belongings, you then have the chance to fully declutter the liveable space inside your house. You can even use your shed as a focal point of your yard and landscape around it. If it’s likely you’ll be targeted either by vandals or burglars, consider vacant property security if you’re a home owner.

Rearrange Your Furniture

It may seem like furnishing your house will only make it look cramped and smaller, but in actuality, properly placed furniture can bring balance to the living space available in your house. Once the furniture is arranged appropriately, this will help the room appear larger and will also make a clear path for the room.

Every Piece Matters

Each piece of furniture you purchase should be multipurpose. A dresser can hold your clothes and the top can act like an entertainment center that holds the tv. An armoire can also do the same.

If your space is tiny like a studio, then opt to have a sofa bed or a futon so that it is a place to sit or to sleep.

For a traditional bed, choose one that has drawers under it or at least has enough room to have storage boxes under it.

A coffee table can be used for more than decorations. There are some that can raise the top to chest high so that you can eat on it. Others have a removable top so you can store blankets in them.

Mirror Reflection

Mirrors are used for more than just checking your appearance.  They can be used to enhance the space, light, and feel of a room. Mirrors can make your living feel more spacious and it reflects the light. The more light in your home, the larger it will feel.

Photo by Patrick Perkins

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