6 Signs You Need to Repaint Your Home Exterior

Your home is more susceptible to damage from outside. That damage will often show up in the exterior paint. Here are some signs it’s time to repaint your home exterior.

1. Outdated Colors

According to Comfy Living, more than half of American homes were built before 1980. Are you living in an older home? If so, it may still have a paint job reminiscent of that period. In 2023, there are many more trendy colors to consider for your home. Palladium Blue has been a popular color for a while. Earth colors never go out of style, and recent trends include using shades of gray in the same home. According to The Spruce, more homeowners are choosing bold colors like black and green.

2. Fading

Being outside constantly exposes your exterior paint to weather elements and UV rays. As a result, your once stunning paint job is barely noticeable due to fading. If you like the original color, all you have to do is have exterior painters repaint it in the same hue. Even when you repaint using the same color, your home can look new again from the outside.

3. Moving Time

There are many ways to prep your home for an upcoming sale. In doing so, don’t make the mistake of only focusing on the interior, as your curb appeal is just as important. Your home exterior will be the first thing a potential home buyer sees. So, while your interior decorating is important, if your driveway, exterior paint, and roof are deteriorating, a buyer may not want to come inside. According to HomeGain, exterior painting can increase resale value by about $2,176. The more money you get for selling your current home, the more you can put into your new one once.

4. Water Damage

Outside elements can cause your exterior paint job to wear down over time and become more susceptible to water damage. Signs of water damage include algae and moss, as those substances only grow in a moist environment. If you see dark spots, you may also have mold growing on the outside as well.

5. Chalky Substance

Did you know that California had as many as 957,873 motorcycles in 2021, the most in the country, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)? With so many motorcycles and other vehicles putting out exhaust fumes on the road, it can create excessive air pollution. If you live in an area that has a lot of air pollution, don’t be surprised if your exterior paint job wears down faster than in other places. According to the EPA, ozone, sulfur, and hydrogen sulfide can damage your exterior paint. When your paint begins to wear down, it may give off a chalky substance that’ll show up on your hands when you touch the surface.

6. Age

How long has it been since her home was last painted? Was it two years, five years, or 10 years? The average lifespan of an exterior paint job, according to experts, is about 5 to 10 years, depending on the quality of paint used. The material of your siding also matters as wood siding should be repainted in three to seven years while stucco needs one in six to seven years.

Your home goes through a lot of wear and tear from the outside. One of the best ways to protect it and keep it looking nice is with regular exterior paintwork. Your home may need new paint based on the fact that you’re moving, water damage has set in, or you just need to change. Whatever the reason you have for a repaint, there are tons of colors to choose from, so have fun with your update.