5 Ways To Turn Your Basement Into A Wild Games Room

Does your kid hate spending time at your house since the divorce? It’s probably because they don’t feel comfortable in your new home. If you want them to love hanging out with dad, you’ll need to do something special.

Think about transforming your basement into a wild games room, filled with all their favorite toys. I bet they won’t want to leave your home once they see it. Let’s look at a few things you can create right now.

  1. Create A Basement Arcade

You should get some game machines for your basement. People will think they’re walking past an arcade when they pass your Scarborough windows. If you have enough room, you can get a full-size ping pong table.

Your kids will love air hockey and foosball tables too. Machine-operated basketball games are always tons of fun. If you look hard enough online, you’ll find lots of these things are affordable if you get them secondhand.

  1. Let Them Practice Sports

I hope you don’t have expensive windows in Georgetown because your kids will need to be careful. You can let them practice their favorite sports in the basement. Set up a basketball hoop, and they’ll shoot free throws for hours.

If you have soccer goals, your child can practice hundreds of free kicks and penalties. The basement should be able to accommodate most sports, but you will have problems if your children love ice hockey and horse riding.

  1. Painting Works Of Art

Children who enjoy something a little more artistic might prefer a full-sized art studio. If you turn the basement into a place where they create works of art, your children will probably want to stay with you forever.

Maybe you can let your children paint murals on the wall if they’re skilled enough. You should have a place for sculptures and clay pottery too. It’s a good idea to give aspiring artists as much freedom as possible.

  1. Playing Very Loud Music

Turn the basement into a soundproof recording studio if your kids like music. Your children will be able to play the guitar loud without disturbing anyone. Just make sure you can’t hear noises coming from downstairs.

You won’t be able to watch TV while they’re smashing drums non-stop. If they’re in a band with friends, everyone will want to hang out at your house. It’s a good way to ensure your kids spend lots of time with you.

  1. An Indoor Climbing Frame

Climbing frames are good in the garden, but only when it’s sunny. Children don’t enjoy running up and down on something that’s still wet. It means you’ll only be able to use it sporadically throughout the year.

If you build one in your basement, it’s possible to use it 365 days per year. You can create a pretty special climbing frame if you get creative, especially if you have a massive basement and lots of extra cash.

Your Kids Will Never Want To Leave

Ask your kids what they’d like to see in the basement. Your kids will never want to leave your home once it’s complete, so it’s worth the money.

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