5 Ways a Kitchen Remodel Can Help Your Family Eat Healthy at Home

Yes, parenting can be hard. What’s even harder is providing a healthy, home-cooked meal daily. So how can you help your family eat more healthily at home? Here are a few tips.

1. Increased Storage and Organization

Create enough space to store your spices, herbs, and groceries. This will make cooking at home easier. Add drawers, walk-in pantries, and other storage solutions to your kitchen to keep things organized.

When finding ingredients and other cooking supplies stops becoming a hassle, you’ll be encouraged to make healthy meals at home. Your children can also access items, which reduces the chances of them wanting take out. They can easily scramble an egg when hungry or grab a quick snack.

You can also attractively organize your pantry with different color codes and placement. Place the healthy items on the front, including low-calorie snacks. Hide the high-calorie foods and snacks like chocolate at the back. This reduces temptation. Hence, promoting healthy snacking and good parenting

2. Efficient Layout

Over 50% of homes in the U.S. were constructed before 1980, according to Comfy Living. If you live in such a home, your kitchen likely has a few outdated features that need updating. A great place to start is creating a convenient chopping station. The key here is to make accessing things like knives, cutting boards, and the trash bin easier.

Make the space family-friendly. This may include adding stools or a breakfast bar. Your family can easily hang out in the kitchen as you prepare a meal. This is a good parenting technique as it allows you to spend more time with your family while making healthy meals.

Remove any clutter around your kitchen space. Arrange any unhealthy snacks away from your immediate eyesight. Get rid of anything not meant to be on kitchen counters, like keys and stationery. Add doors to enhance privacy and security if need be.

3. Upgraded Appliances

Be it your oven, microwave, or cooker, upgrade your appliances. This increases efficiency, which will lower your utility bills. Invest in kitchen appliances that are family and kid-friendly. Teach your kids how to use them correctly.

Upgrade your stove to an electric one to make it safe for children to cook. This way, your kids will feel included in meal prepping and cooking. They’ll be very excited to taste the food which they made. So, what are you waiting for – cook with your kids!

Modern kitchen appliances make cooking healthy meals a breeze. You can easily steam or bake your food with high-quality appliances. Turn cooking into a whole family experience and enjoy your parenting journey.

4. Better Lighting

Improving the lighting in your kitchen will make it easier to see and find things. Modern fixtures also enhance esthetics, making it fun to stay in the kitchen. The videos and photos you take while cooking together as a family will also be clearer.

Adequate lighting is also crucial for meal prep and cooking. You can better avoid accidents like cutting yourself and have an easier time following recipes. This encourages home-cooked meals and bonding.

Incorporate automatic sensor lights in your kitchen, so your kids can take healthy snacks from the pantry without fear of the dark. They won’t have an excuse when you send them to the kitchen at night. Motion-detecting lights will automatically come on when someone enters the room.

5. Dedicated Cooking and Prep Areas

With 2.18 million searches on Google, 71.7 million views on related TikTok videos, and approximately 0.5 million hashtags used on Instagram, outdoor kitchens remain the most famous trend in 2022, according to Architectural Digest. They offer a fun way of incorporating outdoor activities with cooking. Your children can eat a healthy, home-cooked meal while still enjoying the outdoors.

In your cooking areas, include electronic devices for music, TV shows, or something entertaining. This will keep your child busy when you have to cook.

Eating out is fun, no doubt about that. According to On the Line, 20% of diners eat out once a week, and another 45% eat out multiple times a week. The issue is most restaurants offer junk food. There aren’t many food spots that offer healthy alternatives. However, when you cook at home, you have control over what goes on your plate. Consider the kitchen remodel ideas in this read to make cooking in your kitchen more fun.