5 Tips For Moving With Children

Almost everything in life is more difficult when you’re trying to juggle parenting at the same time, and moving is no exception. Children thrive best when they are on a schedule, and moving to a new home can really disrupt that schedule in big ways.

There are a lot of things you can do, however, to soften the blow and make the move easier on both yourself and your family. Here are five tips for moving with children.

Follow A Timeline

One of the best things you can do for your kids to make sure to streamline your move is to set and follow a moving timeline. Talk to your family about the plan and try to stick to it. If everyone, including the youngest members of your family, is kept aware of the timeline, there will be no shocking schedule changes that could cause temper tantrums or heightened anxiety.

Get Excited

The more excited you are about something, the more your children will look forward to it. They look up to you and want you to be happy, and also tend to gravitate towards things that you like. If you make your new home out to be the best place in the world (even if it isn’t) before they see it, they will trust that it is so and will look forward to moving there too. Make sure you touch on all of the pros and good points of the new place and give your kids something to get stoked about.

Show Them Around

Whether you are moving to a new neighborhood, city, state, or even country – something about your location is going to be new, and change can be scary to kids. Before the move itself actually happens, do whatever you can to introduce your children to the new area.

Take them to the nearest parks, grocery stores, perhaps show them their new school. Show them all of the good things about their new digs before you move so that when you do they will be so distracted by the good stuff that they won’t even think about all of the other scary stuff.

Take Time Off Work

If you or your partner or spouse is able, try to take time off work during moving time. Even if everything you have to do seems manageable, there will be so many little things that will pop up and it will be a lot easier on you and your whole family if you are able to stay home from work. Talk to your boss or company and ask if taking a little time off may be possible so that you all have the opportunity to adjust.

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