5 Pro Home Maintenance Tips for Tiny House Owners

The tiny, minimalist house can also be a comfortable and cozy home, which is an idea that even someone like Warren Buffet can get behind. However, maintaining a small home can be a little tricky, although it’s nothing compared to the home maintenance duties associated with a large residential property.

Accept the Minimalist Lifestyle & Declutter

It doesn’t matter if it’s a palace, a mobile home or a tiny house in the middle of the forest, clutter inside any living space looks horrible. However, when the living space is particularly small, clutter becomes a real problem, rather than just being an aesthetic one.

It’s harder to move around when you have stuff lying around everywhere, and it’s a danger to yourself and your guests as well. Also, when it’s time to clean, clutter can make it impossible to do so properly in a small house.

Welcome the minimalist lifestyle with open arms and declutter by giving away everything you don’t need anymore in your small residence. It’s very easy to look like a hoarder to your guests, if the small space looks dirty and stuffy, instead of looking clean and minimalist like it’s supposed to! On the other hand while embracing the minimalist lifestyle you will discover a need for self storage unit because you have other things that you are not quite ready to let go of yet. So why not have both? The idea of a Minimalist lifestyle without completely letting go of all your belongings probably bodes well for you.

Small, Minimal But Aesthetic

Aesthetics and lavishness are not two words that are always synonymous, in spite of what some may think initially. A tiny home that represents a classy homeowner with its décor, furniture, arrangements, and tools is more aesthetic than a large house that is falling apart.

Save Your Old Wooden Furniture & Tools

You can use wax or a seasoning oil to make any old wooden surface shine like new, which is a lot cheaper than having to buy new furniture again. The food-grade wood finishing oils and waxes from Virginia Boys Kitchens can be used to rejuvenate old cutting boards as well, given that they are completely natural and free of any toxins whatsoever. If anything, the orange essential oil in their products is a food-grade antibacterial, which will kill any germ growth hiding deep inside the old cutting board.

Maintenance in the Middle of the Woods

This one applies more to those of us that choose to escape to their tiny houses in the middle of nature every once in a while. Such getaways are refreshing and rejuvenating for the soul, but as far as maintenance is concerned, keep the following points in mind.

  • Heating and cooling facilities should always be checked each and every time before moving in
  • Installing small photovoltaic systems could be ideal, in case there is no reliable form of electricity
  • Carrying a portable, solar generator is a good way to handle emergencies
  • Check to see if anything has fallen apart or requires repair

Plan Your Furniture & Appliances Beforehand

“Tiny” is a vague term that is very subjective, so it is important that you plan everything that is to be placed inside the house, with the internal dimensions of the house in mind. Whether you are a minimalist or not, a small space, crammed with oversized furniture and too many appliances will inevitably look very unsightly. If the house is tiny, the things inside it should be proportionally small and there should ideally be the essentials only.

Everything said and done, maintaining a tiny house is always going to be easier than maintaining a bigger space, because there’s simply less to manage! However, the problem is that people who shift to a tiny house may not actually be mentally prepared to do so. This results in them trying to cram more and more things in their little domicile. That is precisely what makes tiny home maintenance more difficult than anything else and as long as you can avoid that, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

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