5 Kitchen Upgrade Projects That Your Family Will Love

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home, but what happens when the kitchen is starting to look and feel dated? It can feel really daunting to start thinking about remodeling your kitchen, because it can be quite pricey and challenging to do a full-on overhaul. The good news is there are home upgrade projects that can enhance your kitchen and make it look better without gutting the whole room and starting over.

Here are a few ideas.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Under cabinet kitchen lighting is a gorgeous addition that will dramatically change your kitchen and make it look brighter. It can turn a dull and dark kitchen into something more modern and a space you’ll actually love cooking in. The challenge is, if you have lights that run all the time, it’s not the most energy efficient addition to your kitchen. A great way to do this is to install motion sensing lights that only run when you’re working in the kitchen, and then switch off when you’re done. That way, you’re getting the great lighting effect while still keeping your energy use under control.

Customize Your Storage

One of the best things about being a homeowner is that you can truly customize your kitchen so that it truly works for you and your lifestyle. Kitchen storage is a great way to do this. You really have a lot of freedom to make it what you want, and to adapt your kitchen cabinets to the way you use your kitchen and work in it. For example, instead of having the standard, static cabinet with shelves and drawers, you can have a slide out rack with your pans, your spice collection and any other items you want to be able to easily reach for. You can make your kitchen layout more efficient for you, and it doesn’t have to be a huge or expensive remodel project.

Improve Your Kitchen Sink

When people do kitchen upgrades, it’s really easy to overlook one of the most important areas of the entire room, the sink. The kitchen sink is where you clean your kitchen, and because it’s also a wet area, when you’re doing an upgrade, it needs to be done correctly. Here are a few ways to make your kitchen sink better.

A new faucet: nowadays, you don’t have to sign up for the standard kitchen faucet. You can get kitchen faucets that not only look good, but bring more functionality to your cleaning, like a faucet that comes with a sprayer to make doing the dishes easier.

A new sink: you can modernize your sink area by changing the vessel you have. Whether you put in a farmhouse sink, or a new double sink, you can make cleaning your home easier or just modernize the space.

The upgrades don’t have to end on the top of your sink, you can also fix things up underneath. For example, you can install a new water filtration system which will save you money on your plumbing bill, improve the quality of your water, and generally enhance your quality of life. Under sink reverse osmosis is a process that allows you to purify the water that flows through your taps, and not only does it mean you and your family can enjoy bottled-quality water, you can even increase the value of your home by making this change.

Stackable Laundry Units

If your laundry area is also in your kitchen, you might find that all your appliances take up a ton of space. Well, these days, you can save space by buying and installing a stackable washer dryer combo. And this combo isn’t just two separate appliances, it’s a unit that actually works well together. This way you can save space, and take advantage of something more vertical.

Cabinet Transformation

The most noticeable thing in a kitchen will always be the cabinets. When they look old, it really impacts the feel of your kitchen. The good news is you don’t have to install brand new cabinets to improve things, you can create the effect of brand new cabinets with paint. A new coat of paint will give old cabinets a new lease on life.

If your cabinet doors are in too rough a shape for paint, you can change the doors of your cabinets and even add new drawer hardware to really make it look nice. These are some simple measures that will change up your kitchen without spending an arm and a leg on a costly remodel.

If you’re looking for some home upgrade projects to take on in 2022, remember you don’t have to do a ton of major upgrades to have a great effect. If you get creative and do your research, you can make your kitchen look amazing.

Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

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