4 Things to Consider Before You Build on Vacant Land

Building your own home often means starting with a piece of land. But, where do you go from there? Understand that building a custom home takes a lot of time and lots of decisions. Here is a list of the important things to consider before the project begins.

Hire a Professional

You know what you want, but you don’t know how to fit everything together. Sometimes, the difference between a dream home and a disaster is who you pick to do the job. Begin by interviewing builders, but don’t stop at one or two. Talk to many different people and get references from each one, at least two or three people for whom they built homes.

If you call with a question, does the builder return your call promptly? If not, keep looking. Remember, you trust this person to build the home of your dreams, so make sure the builder understands your vision and passion.

Find a home builder you can collaborate with from planning to completion. Paradisahomes offers a full-service experience, including realtors, architects, designers, and construction staff.

Planning the Space

This is your dream house; therefore, the layout needs to fit your lifestyle. For instance, placing the kitchen near the garage helps you bring in groceries quickly and easily. Walking the length of the house carrying heavy grocery bags is more of a chore, so make sure you can go from the garage directly into the kitchen.

Closet space is another area to think hard about. Do you live in a climate with cold winters that need heavy coats? Then, a coat closet near the entrance sounds reasonable. If you live in a warmer environment, then a coat closet just takes up living space. Also, make sure bedroom closets don’t encroach on living space either. Large closets are nice, but not if they take too much out of the room.

Make Green Decisions

There are many smart tools and appliances on the market today, so take the time to discuss these with your builder. Find out what size HVAC system works best in your climate. Too small a system, and you lack comfort. Too big a system, and you waste money and energy.

Even window placement is important, as the south side of the house gets the most sunlight and warmth. So, in addition to choosing energy-efficient appliances and fixtures, the builder knows where things go for best efficiency.

Keep Resale Value in Mind

No matter how much you love your dream house, there comes a time to consider selling. Once your children are grown, you may downsize. As you age, you have different needs, too. Ask yourself if the features you add to your home appeal to others. Beware of overbuilding for the neighborhood, like an in-ground pool when no one else has one. Recouping those types of costs are difficult at best.

Building a custom home is a wonderful experience. Just make sure that once you move in, you still enjoy the home. So, work closely with the building professionals for a home that meets your dreams.

Image via Flickr by Juhan Sonin

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