4 Reasons You Should Remodel Your Basement

Did you know that 85% of the nation’s homes were built prior to 1980? Not only this, but these homes need work – and your house may be part of this percentage. Whether your house is new or old, a basement remodel can make a big difference in your home and for your family for a few reasons.

Extra Space for Your Kids

First and foremost, finishing your basement will make a particular crowd happy: your children. Kids love new things, and a basement remodel will give your children a new space to play with each other and with friends. As a father, you surely enjoy giving your kids something to love, and this can be it. A project as big as this can also be an opportunity to work together as a family to create a finished product everyone will love. Utilize you and your kids’ DIY skills and create a fun space.

In addition to a new space could be a theme, such as a movie room or a playroom. Perhaps your kids would enjoy particular colors or a particular room setup. While taking into account what your kids love now and what they will enjoy in the future, be sure to arrange your finished basement in a way that will work for a long time. A big project like this shouldn’t cause you more work in the future. Therefore, be sure to find furniture, decorations, and storage techniques that will be both enjoyed by and useful to your family for years to come.

A Safe Home

A house’s basement can sometimes be an unhealthy source or location of leaks, excess moisture, mold, and fungi. These elements can be hazardous to your family, so a basement remodel is a great way to be sure your basement is a healthy environment in your home. When you finish your basement, be sure to utilize proper insulation and waterproofing methods so the basement is a safe place to spend time in.

Another part of ensuring safety in your basement can include getting it inspected by a professional. If you have an older home this is especially an important step. A professional check for pests, leaks, foundation cracks, proper air quality, and lack of mold and fungi will give you a fresh start and allow you to get ahead on making any necessary changes or repairs before you begin your basement remodel project.

Increase Your Home’s Value

In 2019, the homeownership rate in the United States reached 65.1%. If you plan on selling your home down the road to a new family, remodeling your basement can significantly increase your home’s value and allow you to make money off of this incredibly big home project. In fact, the average basement remodel can have up to a 70% return on investment according to Home Advisor. With this in mind, remodeling your basement must be done safely and thoughtfully so your investment is worth it in the future.

When it comes to a quality basement remodel, there are a few things to specifically look out for. First, get an inspection. Second, make a quality design, and be sure to consider lighting, the staircase, an emergency exit, and energy efficiency. Then, be sure to have a quality flooring option, whether this means replacing the floors or not, so that the airflow and breathability in your basement is efficient. Also, make sure you have a plan for the ceiling, which can be tricky depending on the age of your home. Many finished basements have drop ceiling tiles or drywall ceilings. Perhaps you are considering adding a bathroom, a small kitchenette, or another bigger feature. These designs will take some more careful planning and most likely the help of professionals. Considering all of these factors is essential to your financial investment in your basement remodel.

Create a Money-Making Opportunity

When your kids eventually move out, perhaps you plan on staying in your home. If this is what you plan on, then consider a basement remodel as an opportunity to make money in a different way. You could rent out your basement as an apartment. While finishing your basement is an investment, making it a livable space will take even more work. However, if you think this is something you would do down the road, then it is surely worth investing in. An apartment would need to include a kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, and enough space for a bed, a living space, and a dining area. There would also need to be a way to separate your home from the apartment, which would mean different locks and entrances. Using your basement as a means of earning extra money during your retirement may be something you need to consider now.

Remodeling your basement is a big project to take on. However, it is a great way to create extra space for your kids, build a healthy home environment, increase your home’s value, and possibly earn some extra money in the future. For these reasons, consider finishing your basement today. It can be a project you and your kids can enjoy doing together.

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