4 Reasons to Renovate Your Garage This Summer

According to the American Housing Survey, 80% of owned houses and condos in the United States have a carport or garage. Although your garage is used daily, it’s the one place that is usually neglected in terms of maintenance. Having a cluttered garage creates dirt buildup and makes it difficult to find any item you may need. As a homeowner, renovating your garage will enhance the quality of your home and your life. Below are four reasons why you should remodel your garage this summer.

1. Prevent Serious Damage to Your Home

The garage is frequently the most misused space in a home for various reasons. First, your cars may cause significant damage to the floor. The constant effort of supporting a car or two can wear down even the most durable concrete or asphalt, reducing the effectiveness of your garage.

Additionally, if your garage is connected to your house, this damage could spread into your home. For example, a damaged garage floor may spread to other floors in your house and even damage your foundation, causing wear and tear concerns that can be difficult and costly to correct. Research shows that the market for concrete floor coatings in the United States is worth $298.2 million, so consider getting your garage floor recoated during your renovation project.

2. Ensure the Security of Your Vehicle

Your vehicles require lots of storage space. Many folks, however, have small garages that barely fit their vehicles. Alternatively, you may have issues with the structure of your carport, which allows bugs, dampness, rain, mold, and other contaminants to enter the area quickly.

It would help if you renovated your carport to protect your vehicles in these circumstances. If you do not make an effort to renovate its outside and keep its interior in good order, you have an expensive and useless storage area that does not protect your car.

In addition, more than 45% of homeowners with garages have not had their doors checked by the garage door inspection servicer since installing the door. To enhance the security of your car and home, you should consider adding garage security measures, like locks or automated doors.

3. Make Better Use of Your Garage

Your garage is an essential element of your home and perhaps even your lifestyle. For example, you might enjoy sitting outside in your open garage during the summer to get some fresh air. You can also use your garage to do a lot of work and carpentry upgrades. You may even use your garage as a hangout spot for friends or an office, making it difficult to park your automobiles or store other items.

Fortunately, a little garage remodeling can assist you in making your garage more functional by increasing the number of activities you can do in it. For example, if your garage only accommodates one car and you want more space, a decent remodeling will ensure that everyone is happy with their vehicle protection.

4. Change the Appearance of Your Home

A small garage renovation can remarkably change the appearance of your garage and give you the long-term upgrades that you desire. Change is rewarding, and if you upgrade the appearance and style of your property, you’ll get compensation dividends through increased admiration in your area. Thankfully, there are various ways you can renovate the appearance of your garage.

For instance, you might want to upgrade your home’s air conditioning system and link it to your garage. Although cooling your garage is not always necessary, it may be helpful in some circumstances. An excellent air-conditioned carport will keep you safe and relaxed.

Did you know that when a company examines your home’s overall value, your garage is considered? This condition is crucial to address since it can cause your home’s market value to decline as your garage problems gradually increase. The total effect may appear minor at first, but it has the potential to affect the worth and security of your home. Therefore, consider renovating your garage to safeguard your property.

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