3 Ways To Improve Airflow In Your Home

Bad airflow can make a room feel stuffy and drive up the heating and air conditioning bills. You spend so much time decorating your space and making it your own, only to avoid it because it feels uncomfortable. It’s time to take back your home. If you’re struggling with airflow and wish your HVAC system performed better, follow this checklist to enjoy clear ducts and lower bills.

Replace Your Filters and Check AC Dampers

Before you call anyone to help with your airflow problems, run through a basic checklist of issues to see if the problem is easier to fix than you think. Start by replacing your HVAC filter and making sure it’s the right size and density for your system. Once you’re sure your system is operating correctly, turn to your ducts.

Sometimes improving airflow is as easy as making sure your AC grates and dampers are open. If they’re not, then flipping them to the “on” position can work wonders for pushing air through your home. Additionally, bulky furniture can block or create bottlenecks that prevent air from moving through your home. At the very least, working through this process will help you realize where the weaknesses in your airflow are, which can help a professional focus on these trouble spots.

Clean and Repair Leaky Air Ducts

Your air ducts are the next place to turn when the airflow in your home isn’t as strong as you want it to be. Cleaning your air ducts can limit the spread of dust, dirt, and mold while identifying any blockages and leaks. This typically isn’t a task for homeowners to do on their own, as professionals have the right equipment to make the duct inspection and cleaning processes easier.

When you contact a company to clean your HVAC ducts, the technicians may identify a handful of leaks that need to be sealed in order to have an effective system. Air duct leaks push air back outside or into rarely-used rooms like the attic, essentially wasting money as you heat or cool your home. If you don’t repair these leaks, then you will continue paying more than you need while limiting your airflow.

Consider Installing Exhaust Fans or Operable Windows

The low-cost solution to poor airflow is checking your ducts. The middle-cost solution is calling professionals for a cleaning. The expensive solution is investing in airflow solutions. If the first two steps didn’t work, then you may need to invest in exhaust fans to remove stuffy air.

Exhaust fans are typically installed in bathrooms and kitchens, but some homes might need them for upstairs rooms and attics. Additionally, installing windows in bathrooms or kitchens is expensive, but it allows homeowners to quickly push out bad air while letting fresh air in.

You don’t have to worry about installing fans or windows until you have tried every other way to improve your airflow. If you have tried do-it-yourself solutions, then talk to an HVAC expert and see what your options are. He or she might have a more affordable solution to help your family.

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