3 technologies that will help you save the environment, without changing your daily habits

solarThe environment is under serious threat and people need to do more to preserve the Earth’s resources. Every year, the Earth’s air, water and land becomes more scarce due to our own wasteful habits. One of the major deterrents for people that don’t want to get involved in environmental causes is because it will affect their habits and lifestyle too much. However, technology has eased this burden. It is now up to people to take advantage of the technology on offer to help preserve the planet’s resources.

Solar tiles and walls.

Solar energy has been around for a number of years, but Elon Musk recently announced that his company Tesla would be building solar tiles that can harness and save enough solar energy to power up the home. TechCrunch published that Tesla will build a powerwall, which will be a battery that will store all of the harvested energy, they will also be promoting insurance cover for buildings, that way if any accident accurs the building will be secured and there won’t be any extra expenses.

The other benefit that these tiles are meant to have is that they will last longer than asphalt tiles. They are due to go on sale from mid-2017.

Save energy by upgrading to LED lights.

Lighting accounts for at least 15% of all energy consumption within a property. Lighting consumption impacts the environment if their power source comes from non-renewable energy providers, such as coal-fired energy plants. The carbon emissions affect the atmosphere, which causes climate change and global warming.

By investing in LED lights, you will reduce your property’s energy consumption because the technology harnesses the lost heat energy in incandescent bulbs into light energy. This reduces the bulb’s energy consumption by up to 90%, minimizing your property’s impact on the environment. You can use the following calculator to estimate the savings you can receive.

You can click here to browse this range of LED lighting products.

Save water by changing the faucets on your taps.

Several liters of water gets wasted daily with people’s washing habits. In Australia, the average person consumes 40 liters of water per day. With a nation of just over 20 million people, that’s at least 800 million liters of water being used each day. Fortunately, much of the water is treated and recycled. But in other countries such as Indonesia or Myanmar, this is not the case.

Altered, the misting faucet nozzle could be a game-changer. The nozzle could reduce water usage by up to 98%; significantly reducing the amount of water wastage without changing people’s usage habits.

There are some engineers that have voiced their concerns over the technology. One said that even though the designers are on the right track, if it takes twice or three times as long to wash an item, then the net savings will be zero.    This is because the flow of the water is more important for results. The nozzle will succeed if normal cleaning jobs can be done in the same way as traditional taps.

You can read more about the faucet in this article.

This faucet turns tap water into a fine mist & reduces water wastage by 98%.

These three technologies are the type of sustainable solutions that the world needs and can easily adopt. Minimizing the impact on the environment buys the planet more time to work towards a circular model where waste doesn’t negatively impact the environment. We can see that we are getting closer. Let’s hope that we can do enough before it is too late.

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