3 Reasons Why You Should Have Built Your Log Home Years Ago

If you have ever wondered how you can do your bit for saving the environment, there is no better time than now to put that into action. Not to mention if you ever want to be free from mortgage, city-life traffic, rent, and you want your life to be one big holiday, then read on. The best piece of advice anyone has ever gotten was to escape the ‘rate race’ and live in a log home…your very own.

A lot of the world’s population over the past few decades has steered away from the conventional ‘rules of life’ of going to university, getting a high-paid job in the city, then getting married, having 2.5 children and living in that huge mansion in the suburbs…with the ever-growing awareness of the environmental hazards that surround us on a daily-basis like pollution, population increase and technological outbursts, and the recent bouts of health-risks within society, more and more people are looking to move away from the city towards the countryside and live in their own cabins.

What a life it can be…having your cozy log cabin, in the mountains, or grasslands, nature everywhere, not a building in sight, not a highway filled with traffic on site…just you and nature enjoying the peaceful smell of freedom.

The most amazing part about the whole scenario, is that you may not even have to lift a finger to get that log home you always wanted because there are professional companies out there that are specialised just for this. They are log home builders who have their very own array of log homes for sale, with a catalogue filled with a variety of different designs, that you can choose from, and all that’s needed is to send the kit for your chosen design to the designated area and it is built on-site within a few weeks to a few months at most depending on the intricacy and size of the design.

So, what’s holding you back? Check out our top reasons to steer you in the right direction:

Affordable: As mentioned above, some licensed contractors can be hired to build the foundation and complete the overall construction of the log structure. Sometimes you can even do the construction on your own and so there are cheaper options of much simpler structures that you can take on as your very own DIY project.

People who already live in log cabin homes agree to the significant difference in their savings, this makes because construction of a conventional house is a lot more expensive due to the choice of materials used in the construction and perhaps even a more complex design. In which case Log homes are a lot simpler and easier to build by yourself or by the contractor.

You are in control of the spending, as log homes can be built small and cheap or bigger and more expensive. There are no hidden costs or forced costs for planning.

Sustainable: Whether you build one near the coastal area on the beach or in the middle of a forest, you will still need to follow zoning requirements. But this does not stop you from using the necessary natural materials like timber, required to build a log home, thereby reducing your carbon footprint, living a more natural lifestyle and having to be surrounded by less hazardous materials around your home like asbestos, plaster or mould. And if you’re into gardening, you can have your very own organic garden, which allows for a healthier diet and cleaner oxygenated and fresh air, which has been known to reduce things like stress and anxiety, which is a very common side-effect of city-life.

If just 20 minutes in nature can reduce stress and hormone levels, imagine what living in the midst of it all can do? Learn more about this online.

What’s admirable is that if you purchase your timber from a sustainable source, for each tree that was cut down, another one (or two) will be grown. What’s more is you can use any excess wood for fuel, or fire.

Cost Efficient: There is a reason why log cabins are built in places like Canada, with its extreme winter conditions and high density of snowfall. Log homes are energy-efficient, which means they stay warm during winter and cool during summer. Making them cost-efficient as a result. Of course, the thicker the logs used, the better the insulation. You don’t need to use any electricity to turn on any radiators to warm up the cabin.

The beauty of building the log cabins out of logs is that you don’t need to use any additional material to layer on top of the logs – once it is up, that’s that! No need for bricks, plastering or mortar required on top.

There are a few different techniques that have been used for centuries and have worked quite well for a lot of places https://www.logcabinhub.com/log-cabin-notches/. The logs create both your interior and exterior faces and make for excellent insulation just by themselves. Building these log homes uses several different techniques comprising of ‘notches’ that make them structurally sound, they fit into one another perfectly almost like a puzzle piece.

The four main techniques used to create this strong structure are below. This will depend on whether you use a round log, ‘D-Log’ or a square log:


  • Scandinavian Saddle Notch (Traditional Full Scribed Notch)
  • Corner Post Notch
  • Butt and Pass Notch
  • Full Dovetail Notch


A professional can tell you which one would be the best one for your design style.

In the end, the benefits of living in your own log home outweigh living in a brick house in the hustle and bustle of the city. And besides, you can do both too, have a log home for weekends and holidays and live in the city for work – that way you get the best of both worlds and it will cost less to go on vacation every time you or your family needs some down-time!

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