3 Reasons To Buy A House When You Have Kids

Living in an apartment is doable when you’re in your younger years and don’t have much to worry about besides yourself.  It’s convenient to have a property manager to call for any issues, unlike when you are a homeowner and are required to do it yourself.  Once you become a parent, however, things start to change in a variety of ways which will affect your overall lifestyle and may sway you to buying a home of your own. 

Because a house can provide a large number of benefits which are superior to apartment living with kids, a lot of people choose to make the switch.  Here are the biggest reasons why it’s best to buy a house when you start to expand your family.

No Noise Complaints

This may not come as news to you, but kids are little noise machines.  From the minute that they are born and have odd sleeping patterns which involve a lot of crying at odd hours of the night, to when they finally start becoming mobile and stomp like little elephants throughout your house.

Having to deal with the stress of noise complaints from neighbors isn’t any fun.  Since the walls are much thinner and there are people living around you from all directions it can be a lot of effort having to constantly monitor the noise levels.

However, when you live in your own home and there isn’t anyone above or below you, you are free to live in peace and let your kids run wild.  You can let your kids be kids rather than running around in circles after them trying to keep the volume down.

More Space

When children are first born and aren’t mobile yet, space isn’t an issue.  The only space they take up is in your arms or in their crib.  However, as soon as they start to be toddlers you’ll start to really feel the effects of another person living in your home.

In a small apartment, you can quickly start to feel like you’re all stepping on top of each other.  Whereas in a big house you have much more space, not to mention possibly a big backyard.  This is great for letting kids run around and burn off energy which would otherwise stay pent up in an apartment.

The Return Investment

When you pay rent each month the money isn’t going anywhere but into the pockets of your landlord.  However, when you pay a mortgage you’re investing in something which you will be able to get money back for at a later time.

If you play your cards right you may even make a much bigger investment than you paid for your initial purchase.

Photo by Gustavo Zambelli on Unsplash

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