3 Benefits of a Whole-Home Air Cleaner

Air quality is vital to living comfortably, and if you’re a parent with young children, you know that this is important to their long-term health and well-being. Children consume more oxygen compared to their overall bodyweight than adults do, and they breathe more rapidly. Plus, since they’re still growing, they’re especially susceptible to toxins and developing long-term health problems. If you already knew this, you probably have a room air purifier — but if this is new information, don’t start Googling for a purifier yet. For many parents, a whole-home system is better than units for individual rooms.

Many people haven’t heard of whole-home air cleaners. However, these systems can be a wonderful way to improve your indoor air quality. Here are three benefits that these systems have for families.

Cleaner Air From the Source

A whole-home filter provides cleaner air throughout your home than portable systems do. Rather than filtering already contaminated air that is circulating inside, a whole-home air cleaner keeps the air clean at the source, which is the HVAC system itself. The purifier goes between the return air duct and the intake. This gives the air in your home a comprehensive clean and ensures that the air in every room — rather than just the room that gets the portable unit — is clean.

As an added benefit, a whole-home cleaner can purify outdoor air before it enters your property. Portable units, however, can only filter the toxic air already in your home.

Enjoy a More Efficient System

A whole-home system puts less strain on your HVAC system because it does not affect air flow like portable units do. It thus puts less strain on your HVAC. You’ll also enjoy less maintenance because the filters for a whole-home cleaner don’t need to be replaced as often as they do on a standard HVAC system. A whole-home system needs the filter replaced once every three to nine months. Both of these factors translate into cost savings, but you’ll also consume less energy and require far fewer filters.

Also consider how much more efficient a whole-home system is for houses with high ceilings and those with open floor plans. Stand-alone purifiers are only effective in a limited range. With a whole-home solution, however, you clean the air in all the corners of your home.

Nix the Need for Multiple Air Filters Around Your House

Because a whole-home system purifies all the air inside your property, you won’t need separate units in individual rooms. This translates into more cost savings, both in not having to purchase extra units and in not having to run all those single-room purifiers. Plus, every individual system needs air filters — you can seriously cut back on those purchases by switching to a whole-home cleaner.

Poor indoor air quality is linked to myriad health complications, and for many parents, a whole-home system is much more efficient and more frugal than individual units. The net benefit is a lower energy bill and footprint compared to the cost of running multiple stand-alone units, and you’ll get to enjoy consistently clean, odor-free air. If you’re curious about whole-home purification, speak to a local HVAC company about installation and service.

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