10 Interior Design Risks That Are Totally Worth Taking

Making your home unique is not easy if you are not a decorator at heart. What styles should you choose to express yourself while keeping your house beautiful and appealing? Thankfully, others have taken some risks and we can now look at the best design risks out there, without fear of ruining our décor.

  1. Go dark. Despite the rumor that dark colors will make a room look smaller, having one wall painted dark will provide a focus point for the room. The darker, the better. Some even paint an entire wall black, which is certain to attract attention. If the color chosen is repeated in other items in the room, the effect will be even more impactful.
  2. Bring the outside in. Using either plants to decorate a room or tree trunks to create pieces of furniture, a touch of nature is always a good choice. Imagine sleeping in a bed that has birch trees as posts, you would think you are sleeping in some quiet woods in the country. Mixing tall plants with hanging baskets will create a green atmosphere that is certain to please even your most difficult guest.
  3. Make your ceiling stand out. Whether you choose to paint it a flashy color or to wallpaper your ceiling, the effect will be magnificent and will bring people’s heads up. Too often, ceilings are left white and unattractive. Use that space to express yourself.
  4. Adopt fancy light fixtures. A neat way to give character to a room is to change the lighting fixture and select something unique and original. Yard sales and second-hand stores might provide you with the lighting fixture that will be perfect in your home.
  5. Paint door and window trims an eccentric color. You can choose bright yellow or calming turquoise, as long as you repeat the color in one or two items in the room, the effect will be stunning.
  6. Use the floor as your canvas. Tired of your old looking floors? Paint them with a unique pattern and some choice colors to make them look amazing and become a discussion item when your friends come for a visit.
  7. Personalize your staircase. Using wood, polymer or active metal, your staircase railing can become a focal point of decoration you had never thought about.
  8. Mix your patterns. Don’t be afraid to have stripes share the space with polka dots or floral designs. Gone are the days of uniformity where everything must neatly match to express beauty.
  9. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Use mirrors to create space, light and décor. In a dark hallway, a collection of eclectic mirrors would bring in light and beauty that will not go unnoticed. You will think you are in a palace.
  10. Finally, the piece de resistance is to use this ugly art work that has been collecting dust for ages, hiding in a closet and turning it as a point of interest. Use colors from it in the rest of the room, reframe it or surround it with other objects of similar content to turn this shameful artifact in a unique piece of design.

It is not easy taking risks, but occasionally your effort pays off and your idea becomes a trend. Don’t be shy, give it a try.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

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