Wide Variety of Kid’s Fruit Juices and Foods Contain Lead

There is no safe level of exposure to lead, and it accumulates in the body through multiple exposures and from multiple sources. This toxin continues to be released into our environment from decades of lead-based pesticide application, the use of leaded gasoline and lead paint, and through our practice of burning coal in electrical power plants. And now we’re finding out that it’s in our kids food.

On June 9 the Environmental Law Foundation (“ELF”) filed Notices of Violation of California Proposition 65 Toxics Right to Know law, alleging lead was found in a variety of children’s and baby foods. The specific food categories included apple juice, grape juice, packaged pears and peaches (including baby food), and fruit cocktail. Perhaps most disappointingly, many organic products had detectable levels of lead in them. A complete list of the companies and products named appears with the notice and is located on the ELF website.

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One thought on “Wide Variety of Kid’s Fruit Juices and Foods Contain Lead

  • This is a disgrace, and those old hippies of yore who banged on about the evils of capitalism appear to have been right. Too bad so many of them have become cogs in the machine in the meantime…. Thanks man for bringing this to light here.


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