Why is it Important to Combat Aging?

“There are too many people in the world” is a phrase that is probably no stranger to you. It’s often said by people and may have been said by you too at some point (in a traffic jam, maybe!).

But is there any truth to this? Is the world overcrowded and overpopulated? If so, wouldn’t slowing aging down aggravate the issue further? All these concerns are highly valid, but taking a closer look paints a more positive picture.

  1. Innovative Tech is Establishing a Stronger Online Presence. 

A wide range of tech players with the ability to drastically enhance and improve human lives are now going online, making them more accessible.

  1. The Global Population May Never Hit the 11 billion Mark

Population control is a controversial topic with an array of opinions flowing in from everywhere. However, many demographics suggest that there is a possibility of the world’s population peaking before the year 2100 and then falling into a gradual decline, which will mainly be driven by people making careful choices in having kids. Some think that the human population will never go over 8 billion, while others think the figure may hit the 11 billion mark. However, with new refined technologies hitting the market every other day, it is becoming evident that the world can accommodate more people.

  1. There is still no escaping death (unfortunately)

This may sound a bit sad, but it is the truth. There’s a lot of development in the anti-aging realm, but it isn’t enough to avoid death by other causes like natural disasters, accidents, and war. However, the future is definitely looking promising, and developing anti-aging therapies can help humanity prevail in many ways.

  1. Stunting Aging Helps the Economy. 

A recent investigation into the financial benefits of slowing down the human aging process revealed that life expectancy increased by one year can add to the global economy by up to $38 trillion. Adding 10 years boosts that increase $367 trillion. This additional money can be used for a variety of causes such as eliminating poverty and renewable energy innovation.

  1. Everyone wants to enjoy good health. 

Serious health conditions like Alzheimer’s, Cancer, and heart disease are things one wouldn’t even want their enemies to suffer from, let alone friends and family. We believe that it is our moral duty to combat aging, which can help prevent many people from developing these diseases. At AgelessRx, we never want to fall ill, and haven’t come across anyone who wants to either.

AgelessRX’s scientific advisory board has world-class scientists on board, and that too with a mutual passion for longevity.  The board has some of the longevity community’s brightest and most knowledgeable minds in it, whose analysis and input help us curate innovative aging treatments.

Each day 100,000 people succumb to aging-related health conditions, which is a grave statistic. We are committed to helping people live long, healthy, and fulfilling lives by boosting of development of aging therapies and reversing the impact of aging. We try to achieve this by making safe, scientifically proven prescription therapies with evidence of effectiveness (NAD+, Metformin etc.) to the general public.

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