Which Are the Best Forms of Birth Control?

moving with kidsWomen have more birth control options than ever before, but with so many choices comes a lot more information, not to mention more adverse effects to think about.

It’s sometimes difficult to figure out which birth control option is appropriate for you. It’s a good idea to discuss your alternatives with your doctor or do research on your choices before pursuing a new form of birth control. This will assist you in determining the many forms of birth control accessible to you depending on your needs and other criteria such as lifestyle, current health, or any other treatments you are taking.

There are numerous methods of female contraception to consider, including birth control pills, condoms, and hormonal implants. While no single method can guarantee 100% pregnancy prevention, if properly utilized, they may minimize the chance of an unwanted pregnancy. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest types of birth control, as well as their benefits and drawbacks.

What Is Birth Control?

The term “birth control” is used to describe any technique that prevents pregnancy. Every birth control method has advantages and disadvantages, and some are more effective than others. To make an educated decision about what is greatest for you, it’s critical to understand this.

The Best Types of Birth Control For Women

The variety of birth control available is staggering, ranging from IUDs and implants to hormone injections and the rhythm approach. However, when it comes to selecting the perfect birth control, effectiveness is critical. Some of the most effective contraceptives against unwanted pregnancies are listed below.

Birth Control Pills


The contraceptive pill has a 1% failure rate, which is excellent. They not only relieve menstrual cramps and prevent severe bleeding, but they also help to prevent painful menstruation. You can buy Microgynon from Express Pharmacy, like most birth control pills, which contains two hormones: oestrogen and progesterone.


The Pill’s advantages are that if you forget to take it on a regular basis, the failure rate is far higher. This is especially crucial if you’re taking a progestin-only pill, which must be taken at the same time every day. For some women, birth control pills can cause nausea, breast tenderness, and decreased sex drive.



Condoms are beneficial as they provide the best protection against STDs as well as HIV. They are easy to use and convenient.


However, male condoms are only 82% effective in preventing pregnancy and female condoms are just 79% effective. Because of the high failure rate, it is suggested that they be used in conjunction with another type of birth control.

Hormone Implants


Another advantage of hormone implants is that the procedure is undetectable and as effective as an IUD, with fewer than 1% of women getting pregnant after using this method. Furthermore, if you do choose to get pregnant in the future, you can still conceive after having the implant removed.


The hormone implant has a few disadvantages, one of which is the fact that many women have irregular bleeding for the first year. However, with time, most women cease menstruating entirely. If you’re irritated by the erratic bleeding, your doctor may prescribe oestrogen to help alleviate it.

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