Top 7 Symptoms of Alcoholism

It is quite hard to draw the line between alcoholism and alcohol abuse. And more often than not, it’s the protagonist who’s the last to understand that he/she has a drug abuse problem. On the other hand, there are a couple of signs that can certainly open one’s eyes to the real truth. The top 7 of them are detailed below. In case you have seven or more of the symptoms you are an alcoholic. If you have four or more of the symptoms, you have an excessive drinking problem. And regardless of whether it’s excessive drinking or full-blown alcohol addiction, it would certainly be a wake-up call to a person who must undergo rehabilitation and detoxification at any alcohol rehabilitation center. Here are the top 7 symptoms of alcohol abuse:

1.  Excessive Drinking

Drinking more alcoholic beverages in quantity or regularity is actually a typical symptom of abusive drinking. Quantity and regularity differ from individual to individual. Generally speaking, the quantity limit is four drinks for men, and three for women and regularity limit isn’t more than 3 times a week. Any more is abusive drinking.

2.  Demeanor Change

A significant change in habits for the worse after a couple of drinks is characteristic. Intense, careless and reckless behavior when drunk, may cause issues with close friends, loved ones, passers-by or even the law if one decides to drive right after drinking or gets into a fight.

3.  Increasing Patience

When it takes more drinks to get the same ‘high’ than before, it is a clear sign of impending alcohol addiction. As your body gains the ability to tolerate alcoholic beverages, it takes more and more alcohol consumption to have the same effects.

4.  Uncontrollable Alcohol consumption

Not being able to control or recall the number of drinks used no matter what level of inebriation during your drinking session is known as uncontrolled drinking. While those who are indulged in uncontrolled drinking, doing it usually even at the risk of handing out drunk is excessive drinking.

5.  Alcoholic Blackouts

When alcohol is taken in large quantities at a fast rate, the abrupt surge in blood alcohol content may cause loss of memory. This is known as alcohol-related amnesia or alcoholic blackout. Regular blacking out during your drinking session is actually a critical symptom of alcohol addiction.

6.  Financial Stress

If the drinking is triggering a strain on your financial situation because you are spending a lot more to get high, it’s time to re-think. You’ve realized that if buying alcoholic beverages or drinking outside and its related costs use up more than 25% of your monthly earnings or your monthly spending plan, then it’s the perfect time to cancel all those credit cards.

7.  Withdrawal Symptoms

Even if an alcohol addict plans to stop drinking, his craving may stop him from doing this because of withdrawal disorders. Like every other type of drug, an abrupt stoppage of alcohol consumption may induce different symptoms ranging from queasiness, lightheadedness, exhaustion and in many cases loss of unconsciousness.

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