Top 6 Tips for Healthy Living

Living a healthy life and setting lofty lifestyle goals can be inspiring and intimidating at the same time. While you don’t have to embrace a sudden lifestyle overhaul, you’ll need to start adopting and maintaining new healthy living habits gradually. Instead of upgrading your lifestyle with an extreme makeover, try these six healthy living tips for long-lasting results.

Be Strategic

Have a plan on how you intend to change your lifestyle gradually. Typically, it’s easier to adopt gradual changes in your lifestyle than to maintain sudden, significant changes. For instance, you can note the amount of exercise or movement you make each day and write down the drinks/foods you consume daily.

When you are strategic in your approach, it’s easier to spot areas that need improvement and gradually start making the right changes. For example, from what you have written down, you’ll notice that you need to eliminate certain foods, introduce healthy alternatives, and perhaps use the stairs more.

Get Regular Check-ups

It’s crucial that you make a habit of visiting your doctor for regular check-ups and tests. You might be suffering from a disease that doesn’t show noticeable symptoms. So, it’s your duty to ensure you regularly take urine and blood tests to know your health status.

Many diseases, such as those related to the Thyroid (Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto Thyroiditus, Graves Disease, etc.), are treatable and possibly even reversable, if they are diagnosed properly. Thyroid tests like total T3, T4, reverse T3, and others provide doctors with the data necessary to prescribe a treatment plan.

Eat Healthy Food, Not Good Food

Using terms like good or bad, instead of healthy or less healthy to judge foods is misleading. Therefore, it’s more important to ensure the food you’re about to eat is healthy before you even start thinking of whether it’s good or bad.

Truthfully, all foods are either healthy or unhealthy because no one will want to eat bad food. Reframing your understanding of foods like this will help you learn the art of moderation, rather than bingeing.

Check Your Body Weight

The right body weight that you should always maintain depends on several factors, including age, height, genes, and gender. Being overweight predisposes you to a wide range of risks and diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes.

It’s not easy to maintain the right body weight and stay healthy if you consistently eat more than you need. You need to exercise and engage in physical activities that will help you spend the energy you get from the food’s caloric content. In other words, you need to be more active and eat less if you notice that you have started gaining weight.

Get Enough Sleep

Regardless of how committed or busy you’re with your work, it’s essential that you get enough sleep. Although it may not be that easy to start going to bed a few minutes earlier than you’re used to, doing it bit by bit will slowly make it manageable. According to a National Sleep Foundation report, adults should comfortably sleep for seven to nine hours.

Learn to Say No

Even while you’re out with your friends having a good time, learn how to control yourself from indulging recklessly. You don’t have to eat, drink alcohol or smoke if you don’t want to, just because you intend to please your friends.

If you really love and appreciate yourself, you’ll have the guts to turn down such advances or temptations politely. For instance, why smoke a cigarette to please a friend or feel like part of the team when you know it’s detrimental to your health?

All these tips are timeless and can be beneficial to anyone interested in living a healthy lifestyle. In order to succeed in embracing a healthy lifestyle, you need to be committed and willing to make those difficult baby steps. In case you fail along the way, simply pick yourself up, reevaluate your progress, and try a different angle.

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