Tips for choosing the best back scratcher

Back itches have been a problem for people for ages. If in the beginning man used trees to scratch his back against them, nowadays technology has evolved and we can now enjoy special back scratchers. However, there are lots of options on the market, so you can choose the best back scratcher. We put together a brief guide for choosing it.

1. Durability.

In general, lots of back scratchers are quite easy to break, since they are made of simple materials, such as plastic and weak metal. However, if you choose a polished one, chances are it will last incredibly long without breaking. Make sure that the fingers it has are firm and steady, if you want to enjoy a quality scratching. It is okay if the ends are slightly flexible, but flimsy ends are not effective at all.

2. Handy.

You don’t only need a scratch when you’re at home, it may happen when you’re away too, or on holiday. In this case, it’s a good idea to buy a flexible and retractable back scratcher. Thus you can simply put it in your pocket and fold it so that it doesn’t take up much space. Moreover, it should be lightweight so that it can be portable and thus, ideal for traveling.

3. Size.

A telescopic arm is really useful if you need a back scratcher while on the go or at home. It doesn’t matter if you’re really tall or small, you can adjust the scratcher to be the perfect size. It can alternate between 6 and a half inches up to 20 inches. Moreover, it can fit in your pocket or luggage in any size you need.

4. Blunt.

Choose a back scratcher that is blunt! It is useful to do so because otherwise the scratcher can grab on the clothes and snag on them. It can even destroy your favorite blouse if it tears them apart, so you might want to prevent this and to choose a blunt scratcher. Moreover, it also remains firm so that it is useful when scratching.

Why does the back itch?

The main cause of the back itching is the fact that there is dry skin. Usually this is the most often encountered reason, because the back is scrubbed very little and dry skin is found there. And it’s normal, since it’s hard to reach that area, and so it becomes itchy. Of course, there can also be other causes, but the scratcher is the first thing you use when you feel the need.

All in all, if you decide to get a back scratcher, then make sure it’s a good quality one so as not to waste your money!

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