The Fitness Trend Men Should Try

fitness-trampolineTrampolines are not just for children anymore. There is a large market for the world of fitness trampolines. A lot of people are enjoying the benefits of trampoline workouts these days, and there are plenty of good reasons to do so.

This form of exercise can be better than running and provides significant health benefits. These include an improved metabolism, increased oxygen capacity in the lungs, better circulation in the lymphatic system, and increased muscle tone. These benefits and the trampoline workout are great for most people, but there are some specific ways that the fitness routine is of particular value to men. Several years ago, NASA researched trampoline workouts and compared them to other popular exercise methods. Today, there’s plenty of scientific research to support the benefits of this trend.

Men’s Workouts vs. Women’s Workouts

To fully understand how trampoline workouts are beneficial to men, you need to take a look at some of the differences in fitness between men and women. One of the first is motivation. In general, men plan their workouts to bulk up, but they also enjoy the process and view the workout as a sport or something that is fun to do. Women, on the other hand, tend to go through the routines with the goal of looking better. Another difference is that women tend to look for balance in their fitness patterns and are generally more willing to seek instruction. Women are more likely to participate in group exercises. In contrast, men are more likely to focus on the workout itself and spend more time in their preferred workout.

How does the trampoline workout fit into those differences? Take a look at some of the characteristics of a typical man’s workout.

How Does the Trampoline Workout Affect Bulk?

One basic effect of the workout is the increased amount of G-force (force of gravity) generated by the jump up and descent back down. At the base of the descent, twice the normal G-force is realized. This impacts every muscle and cell and results in strength building right down to the cellular level. In theory, this could lead to double the strength achieved by other fitness methods. As muscle tone and skeletal mass improve, men could enjoy the results they hope to achieve more quickly.

The Athletic Properties of the Workout

Many men enjoy working up a sweat and aim for workouts that require a certain amount of exertion and sweatiness. The trampoline exercises positively affect the heart, lungs, and lymphatic system. Exertion is felt through the legs, as well. Throughout the body, muscles contract, pumping blood to the heart while endorphins are released. When it comes to enjoying a workout and having fun, men can often get those results from a trampoline. We also read that pogo stick workouts are similarly beneficial.

Balanced Results From One Workout

Statistically, men are less likely than women to create a balanced fitness regimen. By incorporating the trampoline workout into their routine, men can experience increased metabolism, improved mental health, increased coordination, and stronger bones. Even if they are repeating the same workout or series of exercises, men can enjoy more balanced results.

A Trend to Embrace

Trampoline workouts deliver a cardio punch that gets the heart rate up and delivers results comparable to running. The reduced impact of the workout allows men to enjoy a harder workout and faster recovery. While many trends come and go with questionable benefits, this workout has a history of results and plenty of scientific backing.

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