Prescription Painkiller Addiction: How Treating an Injury Can Quickly Result in Abuse

DSC_0007To our wives and children, we are the superheroes of the family. Mentally, we as dads see ourselves as the providers and protectors for those we love. So when an injury hinders our ability to do these very things, we often try to “speed up” the process of recovery so that we can get back to doing what we expect of ourselves and, more importantly, what our families expect of us.

Unfortunately, healing from an injury is not something you can speed up. It’s not even something you can put an actual time limit on. Everyone’s body responds to treatments differently and, therefore, healing will come in its own time. Chances are if it’s a serious injury, you’ve been given several medications to help ease the symptoms of pain while you recover. If you’re not careful, the use of these medications can quickly become the start of your downfall – prescription medication abuse which leads way to addiction. That’s why I prefer
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Signs You’ve Crossed the Line

I’m going to run down a few signs and symptoms that your use of prescription pain medication as a means for treatment and relief has crossed over into abuse and/or addiction. Before I do, I’d like to point out that if you recognize yourself in any of these signs, you should immediately seek help from a prescription drug addiction rehab center.

  1. Medication is Always on Your Mind

When you take your prescribed medication, do you find yourself staring at the clock waiting for your next dose? If so, you may be developing a dependency upon your prescription which can quickly lead to addiction.

  1. You’re Taking More Than Prescribed

Doctors place clear instructions on medications for a reason. Too much of anything can do serious harm to your body. That’s why it is imperative to follow the doctor’s orders instead of trying to adjust the dosage yourself. If you’ve started taking more than is prescribed or taking it more frequently throughout the day, your body is building up a tolerance which is a fast track path to addiction.

  1. You’ve Switched Doctors

Have you reached a point where you’ve switched doctors? You go to your doctor for an increase of your dosage or a refill before the recommended timeframe and they disagree with you, so you decide to switch doctors. If you’re shopping around for doctors hoping to get another script or a second opinion, you have likely become addicted to your prescription.

  1. You’ve Started Obtaining Painkillers from Other Sources

When you can’t find a doctor to write you another script you begin thinking of alternative measures to get those painkillers. This may or may not include asking a relative for their pills, buying them off the street, buying them from someone you know, stealing scripts from the doctor’s office, or faking other injuries as a means to get more medication.

  1. You’re Taking Medication Long After the Injury has Healed

You’ll know you’ve developed a dependency when you begin taking prescription medication well after your injury has healed. Your body has essentially become chemically dependent upon them to function properly and therefore will “trick the mind” into believing it is a necessity.

  1. You Get Angry if Someone Approaches You

If your wife talks to you about your increased or prolonged use of prescription medications and you become very defensive and even angry about it, you’re probably in denial and need more help than you’re willing to admit. Your loved ones are just trying to protect you from yourself, they don’t want to actually be angry at the reality that they now need to use the services of a company like

No one likes the idea of being injured, especially when it hinders your ability to take care of your responsibilities as a spouse and parent. That being said, as you’re taking prescribed medication to treat your injuries it is imperative to follow the doctors’ orders. Don’t allow ego, pride, or your anxieties to heal faster to take you away from being the best father and spouse you can be.

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One thought on “Prescription Painkiller Addiction: How Treating an Injury Can Quickly Result in Abuse

  • February 3, 2017 at 5:34 pm

    I know you have missed the whole addiction thing, when you become addicted you don’t give a shit about your duties, family, job, responsibilities, or anything else be real once your hooked on oxys the only thing you care about, think about, and live for is getting more. The absolute worst thing about it is once you cross that line it becomes a life long battle.
    Just Little background:
    13 years ago I was diagnosed with stage 3A throat cancer, up to that point I did not have an addictive personality I admit I did some soft drugs for fun once in a while for fun, but in the end I was prescribed OC 240mg per day 120 mg two times a day this was in 2004 when Oxycontin did not have the time release agent in them that they have today and if chewed you’d get the whole thing at once Plus 250 oxycodone 5mg for break-thru pain. I have had an off and on problem with them ever since. My latest run started 2 years ago when I had 2 major back surgery’s and I don’t see any end at this point every day I say it’s my last, and I not going to candy coat for you once addicted to Oxy’s your fucked for the rest of you life, even if you manage to stay off them because the though of getting high takes up every second of you day and any addict with verify what I’ve just written here. If your in pain just take it, it will go away but the addiction and the emotional torture never will.


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